Create a culture of innovation

Whenever a company comes out with a new product / service or enhancement of the existing one, somehow someone will home to ask for the "checklist" to tell them exactly what to do based on their practices. It is sometimes like this that may seem like saying "calculate it yourself". Intuitive thinking is a preferred feature in this situation.

Similarly, executives who regularly use the words "think about the box" are at least likely to be really new thoughts. They use the sentence to convince others, and sometimes themselves, that they can come up with creative ideas to solve problems or take advantage of opportunities. It's like encouraging employees to come up with entrepreneurship and new ideas, and then give them a flow chart or checklist on how to proceed when they have new ideas.

Technology, talented workforce and capital are very mobile today. Increasingly, the company's sustainable competitive edge will be in the field of constant innovation, and will be faster to market than its competitors through the implementation of ideas that create more value for their customers. Innovation can be in the form of ideas that lower costs, as well as ideas that increase customer benefits from the products and services you sell.

For example, the fuel consumption option of the company is one indication of the level of innovation. If a vehicle program resembles the famous quotation of late Henry Ford, then you could have a problem with innovation. Mr. Ford, when asked whether he would offer a choice in auto in colors (in contrast to those up and over GM) was quoted: "People can get Model T in any color, as long as it's black ". In fairness with Ford, he was an entrepreneur in many areas. Ford Motor Company problems occurred after they had established a dominant position. The better the business becomes, the bigger it gets and the older it gets, and the more it's self and bad as it can happen.

Everyone wants to control costs. However, if you are serious in planning as a value for innovation, then let your employees have some fun and unique expressions in the vehicles and options that they can run. In addition to gaining competition for advanced junior professional talent, then a business vehicle program that allows for individual expressions can only make the difference between the efforts of the recruitment.

Being aware of these aspects of the company's growth will help to exploit the culture of innovation. And by monitoring the ability to demonstrate new thoughts and culturally flexible standards in others will allow a competitive advantage over internal and external market forces.

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