Create a written employee exchange plan

I often asked to help companies create individual vocational training programs. When we start thinking about creating this type of document, HR professionals need to understand the landscape they are asked to travel in full. We need to ask three important questions:

  1. Is this a training plan or performance plan?
  2. Are we targeting this person to the next level?
  3. How will we measure our performance?

Once we have answered these three questions, we can start designing our employee plan. The first question, "Is this a training plan or a performance plan?" is the basic knowledge we need before we can continue. If you are asking "What's the difference between the two?" let me explain.

A Training Plan is a document describing abilities that need to be closed. It is usually an overview of reform for someone who has already been successful at work. We are working with them to enhance their talents – maybe we will post them later, or we have received complaints in an area or two that need to be improved.

On the other hand, Performance Plan often referred to as "PIP", is a document designed for someone who does not fulfill expectations in its current role and it usually means if sustained performance does not come right away We ask the employee to leave the company. Often we give the person who is on a PIP a chance to leave or go to PIP. Most employees, unfortunately, tend to choose PIP when it would be a much better option to take the rest. Usually, when the manager is at a PIP level, the employee is in unreachable condition and will very fail. The second question, "Are we aiming this person to the next level?" will help us to practice our plan. If we are looking to bring this man up in the ranks, the training program can contain some interesting development areas. For example, if we have a manager we are looking to import into the commission, we may have to put a professional polish on them. In that case, the plan may include consultation with a protocol or wardrobe. If it's promotional, we could have them work with a drama coach or other manager in our company to sharpen those skills.

Finally, the question "How will we measure our success?" needs to be answered. If we're putting someone on PIP, our success could be as simple as getting the person to go voluntarily from the organization or it might be that PIP acted as a revival that their performance needed to improve. For the administrator, success could be that an individual did not succeed in PIP and they now have a solid foundation to resign. However, if you look at a training program, their performance will be measured by changes in behavior that enable us to move and grow this person. It will show confirmation and willingness to change for success.

Whatever you do, think back to basic development. If you use SMART methodology in goal mode, do your goals:

  • SPECIAL (who, what, where, how and when)
  • MEASURABLE (how do I know when the goal is achieved)
  • REALISTIC goals you are both ready and able to work on)

You can answer the question "How do I write a written employee training plan ".

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