Creativity, innovation and importance of involuntary

Spontaneity occurs when ideas or behaviors are expressed without food. This lack of judgment is the key to good ideology. Some of the relationships include:

(a) Great, quality of ideas are built with the separation of creative thinking from critical thinking. If the people who wrote the Red Riding Hood had realized the number of interpretations she has undergone and the various meanings attributable to history, they could never write that.

b) Creativity can be defined as a generation of ideas and a variety of new and diverse ideas. Spontaneity, with a lack of judgment, increases the number of ideas and the number of novels and varied ideas.

c) Lack of judgment reduces anxiety, removes blocks and enhances conceptual numbers and a number of novels and diverse ideas. If people are worried about being unoriginal, they produce less; if they worry about failing, they will produce less; If they accept their first thoughts, ideas will flow. The trick is to ignore the content.

d) The sudden involvement of novels and diverse behavior increases the generation of novels and diverse ideas. Sudden involvement of novels and varied behaviors increases the cognitive cross-pollination necessary for a good ideology.

e) By evaluating, participants are more likely to close. They are more likely to say "no" and more likely to say "yes," thus opening new ways.

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