Define innovation

What is innovation?

"Innovation is something new and contrary to traditional customs, behavior, or ordinances." (Sir Francis Bacon, 1561-1626)

"Process for handling new items that return value." (Imaginatik Research)

"Understanding the Perfect and Profitable Implementation" (Anonymous)

"Going beyond the framework (frames) to create solutions and implement them. It creates opportunities and environments for change and learning. "(Smithsonian Institution, Office of Finance and Administration)

" Transforming thoughts to new ideas, applying these ideas to fulfilling goals, and improving existing business or creating a new business. " (RJ Reynolds, R & D)

"Innovative creative ideas for producing new and improved methods and products are innovation." (The Clorox Company, R & D)

"Innovation is implementing a creative idea and benefiting from because. Implementation is the key to innovation. "

" Introduce new products or character better versions of existing; find new markets; new methods of production and distribution; or new production lines for existing products; or introduce new types of economic organizations. "(Schumpeter, 1942)

" Innovation is an idea, exercise or thing that looks like new from an individual or other unit. "(Rogers, 1995)

" The intersection of invention and insight, which leads to the creation of economic value. "(US National Innovation Initiative, 2005)

" Innovation is something new that is actually used (entering the market ) – whether large or minor. "(von Hippel, 2005)

" Approved built-in or purchased device, system, policy, program, process, product or service used for the adaptation company. "(Damanpour, 1991)

" Create new and better ways to make things your customers value and value for your shareholders. "(George et al., 2005)

" A new way of doing part … which is marketed. "(Porter, 1990)

" Effective Use of New Ideas. "(UK Department of Trade and Industry Ry, 2003)

" Innovation is something new that is actually used on the market) – whether large or minor. "(von Hippel, 2005)

" A new way of doing things … is marketed. "(Porter, 1990)

" Effective utilization of new ideas.

"You Can not Lean Six Sigma Way To Innovation …" Lean Six Sigma is all about processes and costs, but innovation "Bruce Nussbaum (Industrivikavika)

" In the appropriate mode, process management tasks [Lean Six Sigma] can help businesses improve efficiency, but the risk is that you have abused these programs, especially in areas where people are going to be innovative. It's hard to measure. may be crowed when you emphasize too much the process you can measure. "- Mary J. Benner, Wharton Professor


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