Drone Aircraft – Human Resource Tool

Did you know that drone planes offer one of the best technology ever to help humanity? Did you know you can not buy an advanced drone plane from US companies? Did you know that American warfare now uses drones to distribute the main communication medium in Afghanistan?

If you answered & # 39; no & # 39; With all these questions, you're not alone. Many are ignorant drone planes represent a significant improvement in the way in which now the number of old and new technologies has come.

Yes-drone planes can be fatal. Just ask the Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan. The new Reaper Drone Army can pack 5 tons of sophisticated ammunition and delivery of these ammunition with precision accuracy. The fact is that the drones are quickly changing the face of warfare. Instead of threatening the soldiers of life, US military now sent a drone plane to deal with dangerous work.

In addition to using as an attacking device, the army also uses a great deal of communication. This new telecommunication medium comes in the form of mobile phones, also known as ACPT for a short period of time. These flying towers offer the same communication opportunities as all of the ad networks you see scattered throughout America. Whatever you can do with your cell phone or BlackBerry, an American soldier can do it on the battlefield.

Sorry for us unchanged city military military use of drone airplanes in america. As I said at the outset, "you can not buy sophisticated drone airplane from US companies". I'm not exactly sure why this is because General Atomics, based in San Diego, builds the world's best and most complex drone aircraft.

When I say unhappily, I am referring to many uses of drone aircraft deals other than being used for just warfare. For example, the ACPT (mobile phone terminals) offer the best emergency communication system that is still designed. Remember the enormous logistic problem caused by Hurricane Katrina. People were still stranded in the days of the roof, and tens of thousands of people were no longer allowed to roam the streets of New Orleans.

Would ACPT have helped relief work in New Orleans? Just think-with working mobile networks what FEMA could do. First and foremost, the hurricane victims might have called their families to say they are still alive. Beyond personal use of all emergency officials in New Orleans might have been in real time communicating with coordinators. I will let the reader understand what this benefit means, but the bot is in all major emergencies, more lives can be saved when good communication is available.

When dealing with emergency situations, I can not help thinking that California is dealing with the next big earthquake. Depending on where the epicenter is located, millions of people may be at home. In view of this potential, I would say that ACPT would be an important factor in managing such widespread crisis, but there is a problem here.

Although the United States owns a good number of drone aircraft, these planes are initially designated military and secondly, the frequencies used by military ACPT are not the same frequencies used by commercial mobile phones in America. Therefore, in the wake of major disasters in America, these military ACPTs could not be used to control such crises.

At least, I accused the US government of the very poor planning in which ACPT is concerned. That is what we have paid for Americans for the development of highly sophisticated telecommunications networks, but when we have an emergency in the American soil, we are denied using such a network. This is not good for me. One day, maybe soon, American life-styles will be at stake, and the very technology that can help save American lives will be denied because of the United States. Sounds crazy i know but this is how things work these days.

Beyond the concept of using drone airplane for communication (ACPTs) is the number of other useful drone applications.

* Measurement – There is no better way to map environmental issues than using drones. For example, in the Gulf, oil spill tens of aircraft were sent daily to monitor corruption. Was drone accessible and equipped with proper cameras and sensors The cost of tracking the game could cost 100. Also by sharing data collection methods, engineering data would have been easier and certainly more accurate.

* Relevant weather conditions – A few years after the ice storm had damaged thousands of square miles around Kentucky. The problems were electrical shortages, telephone numbers and people literally stranded with ice and cold. Here, ACPTir had given this Iceland's temporary electronic communications ice cream, enabling people to see reliable communication.

* Agriculture and forest management – Given the fact that a new scientific sensor is available drones are an ideal platform for measuring continuous soil and environmental factors. Such information collected could easily be distributed to farmers and forests to facilitate fertilizer and chemical handling and also anticipate future aspirations like moisture. These types of measurements are already made but in limited amounts due to costs. Drone aircraft could help to reduce these mapping costs considerably.

* Construction Analysis – With regard to highway highways, drones are a simple way to explore and evaluate roads and bridges. The minimum mileage for road measurement would allow state engineers to see how road users, over current states, change over time, which would provide a more efficient way of distributing the highway.

* Photography – Aerial photography makes a great way to measure almost everything, including people, animals, and even insects. With sophisticated software and a new generation of great cameras, you can see just about anything you can see on Earth. For example, one drone can generate thousands of square kilometers, in high resolution, in a few minutes and download these images in real time. You can even find a lost child in the woods at night with a heat sensitive camera.

These are just a few ideas when it comes to using drones to help humanity. There are many, many ways that can be used to gather information in Danish and hopefully, in the future, humanity will find using drones to help mankather further use drones for strict warfare.


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