Elvis Jesus – & # 39; Innovation & # 39; Has become

Elvis Jesus is a brand with a history of innovation and experimentation. Since other brands have bought to squeeze all the last inch of life from their tired old designs, Elvis Jesus has asked to break the tournament with any subsequent collection they have released.

This season, they are offering T-shirt and Polo shirts that are smart, innovations and individuals. These are not designs you will get with other brands. Elvis Jesus is a prominent attitude toward medium and lazy performance that gives them a special look. This is not something that any designer can boast.

Let's take a quick cross section of this collection. We are going to kick it off by looking at his gray biker. This t-shirt, with a printed skull, illuminates movies like Easy Rider or Two-Lane Black Top. Real road movies. It's a very cool, simple design – degreased and gray against a gray background. An ideal T-shirt for a big night out or a quiet evening in the pub with your partner.

After this is the first Elvis Jesus polo shirts. This is a Navy Keano Polo Shirt. In contrast to a motorcycle t-shirt, this is a very bright item. Neat little decorations around the collar – buttons fastened to the body – add a little life to this wardrobe. There is a set of artificial footprints that lie down to the front and lures us to think that the polo shirt is a shirt and shirt. The buttons are almost at the bottom of the piece, but just stop short, create an interesting flicked-up look, with a subcutaneous piece of poking out from below.

Elvis Jesus has also released this fashionable design in light gray with carbon black. The cool design features carry through from the navy shirt as you would expect, but the overall effect is completely different. This piece is different: If you have Navy Polo on a pub, you have a gray pole for the art gallery, wine bars and the company. There is a better category of polo shirt.

It seems that Elvis Jesus has made an effort to produce another line that shows not only from the group but from all of their previous things. Nobody knows what their imaginative designers will throw in the mix next season, but one thing is certain: it must be damn.


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