Energy, motivation, performance and training

What exactly is energy? How many types of energy are there? What does training have to do with energy?

Energy – There are many definitions of energy, but here I will define it as a force force or healthy ability to malicious activities (Merriam-Webster).

How many types? Technically there are only two types of energy; potential and chinese. While some people can melt it down to the atomic system, electricity, heat, energy, etc. I'll talk about the potential and the mobility and how this can help you achieve your goals. whether they are well-being or not.

Possible energy is storage energy. It's like energy waiting to happen.

Chinese energy is moving energy. Each item or person moving is moving.

Energy and training: (see compilation)


What exactly is motivation? How many types of motivation are there? What does training need to do with incentives?

Motivation – A driving force or impetus (Merriam-Webster).

How many species? There are two types of motivation; internal and extrinsic.

Intrinsic Motivation is basically an independent motivation or motivation within you. The person who is really interested makes it a joy to accomplish the tasks that are in place and feel comfortable.

Extrinsic Motivation is an incentive for "outside" purposes (ie winning a cup contest, buying a new outfit for losing 15 pounds, official recognition, etc.).

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What Exact Performance? How many types of results are there? What does training need to be successful?

Success – Achieving a favorable or desired outcome (Merriam-Webster).

How many species? It's really only one type of success, but there are many different markings of performance, depending on who you are talking to. Recently, I did a small survey of some family, friends and customers about what "success" meant to them. The overwhelming response was linked to achieving a favorable response or outcome; more specifically … happiness and achieve their goals. Everyone also has different standards of happiness; One person can not think that they are successful and will certainly not be happy unless their business is extremely profitable and they are financially wealthy. Another person can describe success as a family that comes well and everyone is healthy.

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Put Everything In

Many have goals that they want to achieve, dreams they want to realize and / or changes they want to do but they have just not energy or incentive to do it. In training you get an energy source because the coach is responsible for you and emphasizes your task at hand. You will start by taking "childbirth" and having little success; These little successes stimulate and encourage you to continue and have more success. Sometimes, before you know it, you've achieved your goal, and it will take you even further and the cycle continues; energy creates encouragement that leads to success that suits you, etc.

Discussion: Do you have goals, dreams and / or changes to the life you want to do but you are not energized and motivated? Has it been when someone has energy or encourages you to succeed? I would like to hear some examples of how this has worked for you or I want to hear from you if you need to be an energy source for a particular task.


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