Goal for 2009

With the pantomime season running well and the new year approached rapidly, I thought it was worth sharing Neuro-Language Programming, which is useful for both personal and business opportunities for 2009. So imagine yourself to be even better ..

1. Make sure your earnings are positive
As there is a tendency to get what you focus on, make sure your focus is positive!
Answer the question "What do you want?"

2. Specify the context for your production
Is allotted under all circumstances?
Answer the question "Where, when, what do you want?"

3. Express output in special images
How do you want to know when it happens?
Answer the questions "What do you see / hear / feel / experience when you get this?"

4. Check This Is Within Your Capability
The earnings should be generated so that their success is up to you!
Answer the questions "What resource do you have / can enable / can handle to get this?"

5. Preserve Your Other Results / Desires
How will this affect other aspects of your life?
Answer the question "Do you want to lose something you have now by reaching this departure?"

6. Check this is worth
Can your success and value be validated?
Answer the question "Is the revenue worth what it will take to get it?"

7. What are the positive future consequences
Check the impact on yourself and those around you
Answer the question "How will your life (and others) be different?"

8. Do it !!
Answer the question: "What's the first step and when do you start?"

Happy, fulfilling and productive new year !!


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