Goal – learn to dream

We've all heard of and probably talked about setting goals for ourselves or for someone sometime in our lives, whether it's business or "Our New Year's Resolution"! But how many of us have actually taken the time to think of what we really want in our lives? for each area of ​​our lives? At different times in our lives?

In business, we could have achieved goals, we could set goals to achieve. We might have written a business plan. We could have gone through an assessment process that set goals for us or gave us the opportunity to put some things for ourselves.

We Believe?

We made them aware of them?

Did we focus on them daily?

Do we join groups and go through the same process in our lives?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, please join most groups of people, most people are not good at deciding what they want and actually monitoring them consistently.


You do not have to be like the vast majority, why not step out of 99% as dabble and become part of Elite 1% as DO?

Keep your life balanced by setting goals in more than one area of ​​your life, such as business, hobbies, relationships, finance, personal development, etc.

Imagine you're a child again and you dream what you want for Christmas – remember? When you wanted everything and believed you could have it and was very excited about it? Come back to this mind and then write down everything you want or cover for each area of ​​your life.

Next, select the most important 3 from each area and write them down. Tell them in a positive way, as it's yours, then write HOW YOU WILL NEED THIS OBJECTIVE. What would it mean emotionally, financially, with your relationships, with your business.
What would it cost you if you did not achieve this goal? How would it make you feel? How would it affect your future, your finances, your relationships?

Decide when to reach each goal? Set a specific date. Write down one thing you can do today to take a step towards achieving the goal. Is there a car you want? Go and book a test drive, get pictures of it to install around you, get it as a screen saver – keep it in your view as much as possible. Want to learn to sing? Google Radiotherapists – book a meeting.

Anything for you – do something right now!

Finally – keep these top goals, in writing with you at all times. Read them three times a day. Show yourself to have really achieved these things, imagine life now with these things. Show them as much detail as possible, making the experience real because the brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined in life. It will move you strongly towards the reality.

Oh – and last but not least, have fun while you make this dream come true !!


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