Goal Setting – Do It Right

Set yourself goals in life, whatever the goal may be, monetary, personal achievement, academic skills, etc., is a generally recognized way of "getting ahead" and achieving your goals should give you great satisfaction because you finally reach your goal.

I had a friend who had set his goals quite clearly. For this reason, I will call him Jack

"I want to eliminate my mortgage on the house and have financial freedom in 5 years"

Absolutely aggressive goal for the time of his life, 30 something, married, good home, 2 magnificent children and all very good lifestyle. He had a good job, his clever wife (Dianne) was a young homeworker part-time, so how did he do his job?

Congratulations to him, a foreign-paid job in Asia, who paid a lot of wages, had paid all the expenses and wanted to achieve all his goals. This was a dream that Jack would put his family up in the way he wanted. He had a vision of half-boarders at the age of 45 to get their golfing and enjoy life and all that would take is 5 years.

Before they left, Jack and Dianne went to the country they were going to move to, just to check it out. The kids were both young and one of them had asthma status, but nothing too serious. The visit was disastrous. The country is the 3rd part of the world, the education system would not cater to the children, there were no former patriots as they were close to living and the medical treatment for the hospital emergency room would take over 2 hours to get to.

Even, Jack planned to go and Dianne would be in his current home, burning up the kids while Jack was in Asia to collect the family. He easily reached his goal in 5 years

Just a year later Jack and Dianne talked to each other through lawyers, making sure that was enough, but the family had lost their way. Jack's decision to succeed in life ruined his family life, he was not there to see his children grow up and he was not there to help when he needed. For Jack, it was all about the money and not about his lifestyle or his family.

The Motto

When you set your goals, consider your trip and destination. The trip should be at least half fun. One of the favorite views of all time comes from Lonesome Dove, where Augustus is to say Laurie

"Always enjoy the little things in life like a glass of chicken"

Enjoy your journey and get to your destination safely and intact!


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