Goal Setting – Is It Worth?

Statistics show that 95% – 97% of people in the world do not have goals written down, and they do not achieve their goals, but 3-5% of people have written goals and success.

My question is, do you now have a goal? There is a list of telling 5 things you have undertaken to do? These are the things you must do, especially for a particular date? For example, if you are in online marketing and you want to reach the next level to get a better guarantee, you should write down the level you are trying to achieve, as well as the specific date you want to achieve this goal.

To help you achieve your goals, you need to do 3 things:

1. First, get a notebook and write down your goals, each goal on your own page.

2. Then make a detailed, defined list below each goal all you can think of that will help you achieve that goal. There could be 10 things, or maybe 50. It just depends on how big the target is.

3. The third step is to transfer the specific items in the "to do" list one or two at a time (from each goal) each day. Cross them when you have finished them. If you can not complete all the tasks for that day, move them to the next few days "to do list".

It takes at least 21-30 days to create habits. So once you've been used to doing the "doing" list every day and probably going over the completed tasks, this will be 2 character for you and soon you'll see yourself reaching your goals during the shooting time. The key is only placed on the "to do" list of things you think you can realistically achieve for that day.

Once you have reached 1 of the goals, replace it with another goal. Add new ones along the way, as you will be disciplined to achieve these goals. This is definitely not Rocket Science. Just define what you want to achieve in life, put your words in writing and move those words into action.

If you find it hard to find out where to start, always start with the most important goal or the most urgent need. Then make your sublist of all the things needed to reach the goal. Most people need an incentive to start working on something. Your motivation in trying to achieve this goal will help you create practices to help you achieve your goals in the future. Once you have put this pattern, your life forever will be changed.

As an online marketplace, this is a valuable tool for teaching and training your salesman. They will see you to achieve your goals and want to know your secrets. You can share the easy steps of targeting. Soon, your salesman will explode to everyone in your team and achieve their dreams and goals.


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