Goal – Seven Steps to Spray Contours

I hate postponement. It is one of the most threatening parts of my personal substance, and it is responsible for so many missed opportunities, waste time, and missed projects, that if I were a person, I would probably make a life cut because of their murder now.

Fortunately, I've found some violent ways to eliminate these dreams from my life. Here are my 7 top tips, which will work for you, either you climb a mountain or just tear up your basement.

Tip # 1. Admit it. You must know your enemy and postpone being a guardian sir, so sometimes it can be difficult to spot. But when you hear yourself say things like. "Before I do (my goal) I only need …" or "I can not start (my goal) until I have …".

This is what I call the pencil sharpness & # 39; – spend all your time in preparation and never really do. Learn to spot these excuses.

Tip # 2. Stop it from the songs. Once you have washed your postponement open, you must take positive action to prevent it from taking over. Listen to your excuses and do two things. First, say yourself to stop being afraid of the task you have put yourself and hiding behind these sad walls and secondly to excuse the solution by taking it to the next stage.

Tip # 3. Define tasks. Whatever you want to do, that's not to be nebulous and unclear about it. You must define and measure your goals. Write it down, map it out, make it real and tangible, and most importantly, take the excuse from Level 2 and insert it as part of your roadmap.

For example, if you continue to tell yourself that you can not clean the basement, until you have gone to the store and bought a set of plastic shelves; make "go to the store" the first step on your levels.

Tip # 4. Screw it down. As someone once said, you can not eat an elephant in one piece, but you can eat it, one hit at a time. Thus, Step 4 is to define those bits. In our example, Bite 1 is "going to the store". Bite 2 is "buy the lattice". Bite 3 could be "clear the contents of a small area directly below the stairs, sort it into the appropriate box and throw out what I no longer want"
Check all the little bits on your map, but be careful not to fall back to & pen; again and spend the night on your bite card and # 39;

Tip # 5. Take the first bite. This is the hardest part of it. Get in the car, go down to store and buy those crates. It called for action and has gone as most people fall right into the detailed implementation of the law.

Tell yourself that you're just going to do this one, just focus on it and get it done.

Tip # 6. Review and Prize. Once done, take a tiny break and review progress. When you get back from the store with your new boxes, get back to your goal, get rid of Bite 1 and get a little pat on your back.

You have taken action and you deserve recognition. You must not go away, though; You are not a Nobel Prize yet.

Tip # 7. Eat the rest. After a short review and award, listen to the focus on Bite 2 and take action. Do it; review and reward; then take Bite 3 and so on. Do not worry, you will not constantly stop and start.

I'm sure you're so good in yourself after two or three pieces you do not want to stop and you'll be so excited about the progress that all the work will be done before you know it.

Try this seven step technique next time you're stuck in reverse and you'll soon see that postponement is a bad enemy that you can beat your eyes closed.


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