Goal: Truth

One popular definition of goal is a dream with a date on it.

Search the internet on ways to set goals and you'll discover a plethora of technology, many of which repeat the same old, "Write it down. Set a date to get it".

Have you ever set goals? Did you write it down? Did you know that? On the day you wrote? If not, how did you feel?

Did you ever dream a big dream you never wrote down? Lots of times, right?

The truth is, it's not the fact that you write down your goal that encourages you to accomplish it. It's not the fact that you set a date for your success. Only one factor ensures success in life.

When your goal has a 100% personal perception (PMQ), you'll pass any barrier, no matter how big or beyond it, to reach your desire.

I created the method of finding your PMQ to help you know where and when to invest time and energy that meets your longing desires. After all, something that spends your passion when you make yourself think it's "in the game" while the pleasures of were pleasing in your life you got a jettisoned when you watched a slight blow in the way to catch them.

How do you determine your PMQ for each of your goals?

First, check if the goal is yours or one, your parents, boss, friends or someone else expect you. You will never find an incentive to knock you through muck's knowledge to fulfill the dream of any other place in the future.

Your goal must be something for you

Even if you say you want to earn enough money to send a university to college, the ultimate goal is to feel good about you and happy in your life. Starting happiness allows you to succeed, which allows you to believe in your ability to take care of yourself and those you care about.

It's all about you!

Now that you know your personally adequate aspects of the goal, you want to see how your energy flows when you think of living a dream. Are you f eel high and energy ? Or do you think shout and just ok ?

I recommend recommending a muscle test or any other department means confirming that your goal is 100. Just because you want it to be and you say it's at 100 does not reflect your unconsciousness and plans as you rely on your dream.


Certainly, you want the goal you put is what you really want to realize in your life. However, deep in your subconscious programming, every possibility of achieving this goal is considered to be real. You must fight yourself every step of the way until you give up.

You see, if you are testing PMQ for only 99, you have doubts that you do not know. These same unknown doubts might send you a packet when you stumble more than once on your trip to success.

Make sure that PMQ of 100 will guide you where you really want in your heart and mind.


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