How do we use audio for daily confirmation

In our standard life every day, we often use sound for daily confirmation without realizing that this is what we do! In the car you can have your favorite song on the stereo. Even if music is music, it still sounds, even if it is formed in a structure that we know as music.

It's important that we use the sounds to help us feel comfortable. It's the turn to give us the boost we need to face the day. It can lift us from the lowest mood to the highest maximum joy, depending on exactly what fires our own feelings. Here some people get great excitement and listen to heavy metal – but the neighbor next door could dug into a pillow on a constant thunder, thunder, thunder on the drums. My father was crying tears of joy listening to organ music Messiaen while I was crying tears of pain.

Some people use daily confirmation to help them find confidence to cope with the day. These are after all sound in a different format. All we hear is sound. It is the meaning we attach to what causes our emotions to run high or flatten into a peaceful state. In order to find the sound that has the best effect, it is necessary to find a confirmation that works.

Have you ever heard how it does not matter what you say to a child because it's the tone you're saying? This has the same effect on us if we do not understand what the meaning behind the words is. I remember hearing a beautiful intricate sentence in German and thinking that there should be something beautiful. It turned out we have a very devastating weather.

In order to reinforce positive words, we use as verifications we can use them against the background of music or sounds that have a positive impact on us. For some, it becomes Beethoven's powerful music. Others prefer dulcet tones Enya. Still more will want to relax the sound of the waves of lapping on the beach.

One of the most powerful experiences in my life has been working with Tibetan singing bowls. I have seen this in action in Nepal and was deeply moved by the reaction to them and the experience of coming into contact with their deep vibration and tones. To me, this is one of the magical sounds that can be achieved from millennia with healing energy – especially because of the beautiful sounds.

Thanks to the work of early entrepreneurs, such as Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins in the 40's and 50's, science centers only begin to recognize the importance of music as a psychological tool. As a result, musical therapies and various types of sound therapy are developed as disciples in their own right.

So if there's only one thing you make to make you feel better, take time to listen to music. Personally, I've recorded the sounds of the ocean, which are laid out by the coast of Rocky Bay in Co Cork, Ireland, and this gives me great comfort when I'm holed up in my address and needs freedom from the countryside. If you can organize yourself, repeat a few positive statements loudly or quietly when listening to music or sound. Most of all, find the opportunity to surround you with sounds like daily confirmation.


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