Importance of setting goals

Imagine …

Looking back on your life on the death of your bed and feeling totally happy to achieve everything you ever wanted in life … achieve and live all your dreams.

In life, we all have a dream of a better life … of life where things are exactly how we want them.

Whether it's our finance, our family, our health, our community contribution or all of the above … we all have a dream about how our life would look alive if it was perfect in all respects.

The difference between people who always live the lives of their dreams and those who only want to earn their dream is a goal setting.

We have all goals, whether we put them consciously or not. Whether it's paying the bills at the end of the week; Egypt to buy a new house; or to increase profits in your business; or losing those extra few pounds; or to create the life of your dreams … everyone has goals.

The difference between living a fulfilling life and just living a living average is the quality of the goals you set for you. But why are only 5% of adults writing goals?

Did you know that 95 percent of adults will never write a goal in their lives? Which means that only 5% of adults will always write goals in their lives!

Other interesting statistics is the distribution of wealth through the population. Recent studies have revealed that 90% of total funds in our society are controlled by only 10% of the population. An example of this is found in the stock market … since 90% of all current account deficits are controlled by only 10% of investors.

Is there correlation between the fact that only 5% of adults always write goals and 10% of adults control 90% of their wealth?

In my opinion … it is!

Imagine …

You've been on a Los Angeles plane and head west of the Pacific Ocean … but you do not have a destination.

All you know is that you'll take off soon. And you hope you land somewhere well.

Where are you going to land?

What will you do when you get there?

Do you want to land at all?

Did you know that a plane traveling between two cities is only 5% of the time? The 95% of the time is spent again in the course because of wind and air pressure.

The setting goal is like having a destination for takeoff. If you know where you are going, you can concentrate on the outcome and get back in the right way if any obstacles are prevented.

Without a certain destination you will be shot off course with the first obstacle in your way and never ending reaching your destination.

Without your own written goals, you are like a plane that understands the airport without a real decision. Sure, you might be able to take off and get out for a while, but you'll always come somewhere … and that somewhere can not be where you want to be.

We all have at least 5 major areas in our lives, that if we make clear, written goals for that would greatly improve our quality of life in each area. These areas are: finance; career; health; family; friendship.

By setting goals in each area of ​​our lives, we set goals, something that aims at something that, if we realize, have a significant positive impact on our lives.

The goal gives us something to measure our progress against, to see if what we are doing is moving us further or further from our ultimate goal. If our actions bring us closer to our goal, we continue to do what we do. If our actions move us further from our goal, then we must change what we are doing so that we can approach our goals.

But it also opens the possibility of failure … and it's one of the biggest obstacles you must overcome to truly fulfill life. Most people never set goals because of fear of failure and fear of the unknown.

Fear of failure is the biggest obstacle we must all overcome in all parts of our lives …

And the fear of the unknown is the fear of moving around our conscience and into a world we do not know.

Exciting things are …

Without you, you live the life of your dreams, your dreams lie in the state of your area, unknown …

So take the first step today to create the life of your dreams and start writing goals today.


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