Innovation and experimental projects

When looking at a toddler learning to walk and she falls, do not wonder if she should stop trying. Instead, you know she's in a learning process. Innovation requires an experiment. And experiments require that mindset focus more on learning than getting it right.

Key to that thought?

– When something does not come out as you planned, it's not a failure; there is a chance to learn what does not work. Just as this toddler learns to walk.

– Focus on relationships as a context for learning. If others participate in the experiment anyway, connect with them. When we consider affiliated with someone, we are more likely to punish "mistakes" and more likely to support learning.

– Think about margin for error. If you change a process, make sure you can return to the old process if necessary. This way you can hesitate to try out things that could not work. Although some say you burn the ships when you encounter, you can not return, in many cases you can take more risk if you understand yourself again.

What is the fastest way to kill experiments? Developing a mentality that is more important to blame someone for a problem than it is to learn from the problem. It will ensure that everyone takes a lot of time to make themselves look good and remove themselves from problems. When it is a priority, experimentation, learning and innovation will die fairly quickly.

On the other hand, accepting the key features above will help keep your experimental projects live in your business. It can help you and your business to be innovations every day and it makes work more fun!


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