Innovation comes from better employee thinking

Innovation is what makes the business flourishing. Wells Fargo is continuously utilizing from the beginning of the transfer to the start of a financial institution. How do you make use of today's fast-paced world market?

Tim Hurson in the book Think better (your company's future depends on it … and it's yours) quickly show how you can develop a product idea. He provided details about what the manufacturer thinks.

Early in the book, he described the processionary Caterpillar and how it described how everyday habits stifled everyday thinking. He also shared that heartfelt productive thinking is freedom.

Hurson believed that the ability to think better would be the most important competitive advantage for companies or to the extent that an individual can have. He also thought through the book that better thinking could be developed.

From all his works, he built the Productive Thinking Model. One of the key elements of this model is the ability to make connections. Examples of how people made connections: John Snow, father of modern epidemiology and Philo T. Farnsworth, who built the first television in 1927 after continuing to fine lines since his childhood on the farm.

Another subtle factor in production thought was the ability to imagine. Looking for these AHA moments was part of the production process.

The Model Thinker model consisted of six steps:

  • Step # 1 – What's happening?
  • Step # 2 – What is success?
  • Step # 3 – What is the question?
  • Step # 4 – Create Answers
  • Step # 5 – Solve the Solution
  • Step # 6 – Set Resources

According to Hurson, ideology was a strategy that used production thinking. This policy was under the control of both creative thinking and critical thinking. Unfortunately, many people often pollute this policy because they combine both creative and critical thinking ability within the same time. To maximize the power of consideration, understand creative thinking from critical thinking.

If you want to maximize your competitive advantage, this book must be read. Perhaps a company will eventually realize that manpower is their greatest asset and develop that property to the fullest potential.


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