Innovation disagrees between leaders and followers

"Innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers." Steve Jobs

Traditional wisdom claims that Chinese companies, although inconceivable to take advantage of selective benefits such as cheaper labor or large domestic markets, belong to a non-good looking manufacturer of new and reliable products. However, if you are looking for outstanding ideas for dealing with innovation, go beyond the success of 30-year-old Chinese household appliances, Haier.

Haier was known as one of the world's newest companies and one of ten leading innovation companies in China by Fast Company (in its 2014 Annual Innovation Indicator). Its Tianzun air cooler, launched in January 2014, will be the first connected device to meet Apple's stubborn MFI standards for the IOS connection. Every year in the past five years, Haier has also been named by Euromonitor International as the number one brand of major equipment in the world, BCG named it as one of the ten innovations in the world two years ago.

As often, it starts with purpose, and Haier is "creating new home appliances that expect fast-paced consumer needs in more than 100 countries around the world". Unlike most Chinese rivals, it has always focused on offering new quality products at competitive prices and first pushing their own brands and brands in America and Europe, thus studying the world's most advanced & ##; 39; customers.

Haier purpose is translated into advanced ideas for managing the innovation process. One of them is his mantra that the customer should instruct the company. It looks like customers as product development and Haier employees who directly connect with customers have an increased role in decision making as they channel valuable information gathering about local needs of customers.

Haier engineers develop the clever products to take advantage of new niches, such as good wines (ignored by western rivals who are heavy in economies of scale), a small refrigerator built into a computer table (for students), with a slightly warmer compartment keeping ice cream cream soft) or horizontal deep freezer with two drawers (easier than digging for prepared meals at the bottom).

Haier focuses on adapting to the needs of the market is seen more like products like their freezers, which continue to be frostless without electricity for up to 100 hours and are top sellers in Africa and other places with indelible power or to In addition, there is a special sari-gown setting for its washing machines in Pakistan and its washing machines operate under low water pressure, usually found in urban areas in India.

Another advanced idea to deal with innovation is a scattered and complex management plan designed to adapt faster to customer needs and respond better to changes, thus placing customers at the heart of the product development process. Its 80,000 employees are encouraged to monitor market trends and develop independent project staff to deal with new opportunities. New projects are employees with an internal talent company where employees are assessed based on interests, credentials and previous achievements. The teams have the power to find new solutions to increase competitiveness in the relevant markets and to trade business models, then shared with teams in other markets.

The recently launched Tianzun air cooler was developed by such self-governing teams who recognized the growing demand for flexible and responsive ventilation systems with an online training program involving more than 670,000 Internet users.

However, the Haier organization seems to be an adaptive education system, which gives employees greater independence and responsibility, and as a trusted and diversified perspective is encouraged to encourage an innovation process that addresses the needs of customers.

As a bankruptcy thunderstorm in the 1990s, Haier has become the world's largest brand of home appliances, with a market share of 9.6% (next to Whirlpool) and China's first international brand with US $ 29.5 billion and a profit of 1 , 76 billion US dollars in 2013.

Steve Jobs once named an innovative analysis of leaders and followers – the process continues for Haier as it aims to become a leader in related and intelligent household appliances.


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