Innovation – how long is a piece of strings

This is a question that children and parents ask each other while they are playing and of course are tricks. Why ask the question, "How long will my innovation project take when it's also a trick question? The reason why this is a taste question is that it's rather like the string we tend not to know where one (or both ends). Still, this question I want to answer so many owners of small and medium-sized businesses can at least try to create a budget for next year. Here I am concerned with innovative projects that are in isolation, not several ongoing simultaneous or ongoing First of all, let us identify the phrases that the project must go through along with a number of participants.

  • Initiation
  • Review
  • Installation and Training
  • Research and Idea
  • Testing and Cleaning (including prototype) if necessary
  • Implementation (potential pre-production if output)
  • 19659009] These seven levels can be further broken down or combined as needed. They declare a process for stocking, getting support and setting rules before you have a great view of the current starting point. You need some training and development because you are going to an area you may not be before. Have you often wondered why mentality works with an external supervisor but not with your own team?

    Period of research and generation of ideas is one thing I think of "Ideas Lab". It is a period of intensive activity but one with the highest number of results seen. Finally, we get into difficult things, actually turing ideas into reality so that the boss can see that he has not wasted his money.

    If you are mature (as opposed to startup), it is likely that such a cycle will take 12-14 weeks to reach the level where you are ready to launch a new product or service. This gives the company's owners an idea of ​​how long the funds need to be committed. Now this is a very big problem, how many resources?

    You may need assistance in full or part-time external help, but you need some internal affiliation or project management and a number of people covering all of your business (marketing, sales, manufacturing, stores, finance) and potentially different levels. This could easily be 6-15 people in a medium sized business but could only be 2 or 3 in a much smaller business.

    So you know you may need 6-15 people around 12-14 weeks and some equipment / office space. This will give a very rough finger in the air & # 39; plan enough for you to answer the question & # 39; is this worth doing? & # 39; In today's economic climate, you can very well try to determine the future of your business.


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