Innovation – Step by Step Guide

Anyone can be a novelty. From mackerel to euphony, a lot of positive things will lead to. To innovate every day, at work or at home, follow these steps and see where they take you.

Solve problems that need to be solved solves problems that did not have to be solved. and eBay, however, solve problems that had to be solved. Think about what's annoying you. Really dig into the problem. Ask "Why" at least five times to get a real problem. Determine whether solving the problem has a major impact on your life and / or work.

Early in my work I worked for the agency that owned the Energizer Battery account. I was despised by much lower sales volumes reported by various sources we used. I continued to ask "why" until I discovered the root of the problem.

Look Out for Answers

The answer is probably not obvious, so do not focus on what is right in front of you, answer the answer. Seth Godin left out when he repackaged a direct marketing manager and called it licensing. Consider how another industry might look at the problem. Ask someone outside the area what they would do.

When I won the Energizer account Boom Boxes and Walkmans, I was just preventing youth culture. Yes, I'm so old. To see where volume discrepancies came from, I had to step outside the agency's limit.

Unpublished Review

When you think you have an idea, a possible solution to the problem, the company between the unnamed, share it with people who have a knowledge of the problem but are not an active participant in solving it.

Most people, I'm afraid to say, will give you all the reasons why your idea will not work. For you, this is not bad. Do not defend your idea. Take away your ego and listen carefully to their objections. Draw their reasoning. Explore their perspective. These are important information that you can use to sell your idea when it matters.

Back to batteries. I created an idea to use a volume source and shared it with my boss. He did not think it would work. I shared it with others and got a variety of reactions, almost all negative. With all this information, I built my plan to sell the idea. It started with an invitation to the Product Center.

"Come and hang on a school shop with me. I'll buy lunch since."

He was skeptical but agreed to leave. After all, I ordered a lunch. What we saw were children, many children used batteries to power their portable music devices. All the instruments we trusted, with the exception of actual sales, were based on research and did not think that the children would buy batteries.

Try Your Way to Be Successful at Night

When you have your brilliant plan, try it out in the real world. It's nothing like the crux of reality to take the edges off an idea. In the real world, you must discover many of the nuances needed for success that you do not understand when it was an intellectual exercise. Keep an open mind and let the market improve your thinking. Diamond requires a lot of polishing to become brilliant.

After our trip to school and no police explanation was needed, we discussed how to take advantage of the opportunity. We organized a test in five-meter stores in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For some time, I will describe how it is doing store surveillance in Manitoba in January. The file we saw was up to 10 times what we expected compared to traditional channels. We used the results of the tests to build a sales slip we took into a CD chain. They agreed to carry batteries. We created a completely new distribution channel, worth millions of dollars for Energizer batteries.


  • Solve the issues that matter. Be sure to solve the problem adds significant value to your life and / or working conditions.
  • Look out for the answer. Another point of view will shine a new light on the problem and allow you to see ways that are not available before.
  • Review the problem with uninformed. Explore it with others to better understand the problem and the challenges you need to overcome.
  • Try your way to succeed overnight. Even brilliant innovations did not take place without a few experiments. Before the iPhone was Newton.


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