Joint approach to personal and professional training

The common training method has evolved organically over the years as a result of my own long experience in personal and professional development, and is now recognized worldwide as a comprehensive teaching method in which valid personal awareness can be built. It provides an extensive presentation of the theory and practice of personal and professional self-certification and development of insight, awareness and independent human relations.

Basic Principles of Simple Training

A common approach to self-discovery is not only very practical, it also covers all aspects of all people.

  • In a sensible way, it brings awareness of involuntary and unnecessary patterns of acquired behavior
  • At the emotional level, it combines self-esteem emotions with intellectual sense
  • psychological level, it strengthens individuals with self-knowledge and the strength of their individual reliability
  • In so far as a higher-level integrated intuition facilitates personal development of ideology, spirit and creativity

Simple actual practice

The first requirement for those who want to communicate effectively in honest and open relationships with other people is that they are in a hurry with their own development efforts. In order to act as an effective resource for others on individual routes throughout life, you must first be well aware of your own territory. You can not go any further than you have traveled yourself.

There is an old saying that says, "We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are." You will never be able to see what's really happening in the modern age if your sentiment and behavioral patterns persist in the past, with the eyes of staring at an unchanged interior landscape. If you want to become aware of who you really are – start to feel comfortable in your own skin – you need to explore your own outlook on life; discover a hidden and negative action, and work to bring it up and consider promoting reality. It's a challenging and often difficult task, but you'll find the prizes are terrible.

Personal reliability is all about experiencing every event in life in light of current reality, rather than damaging the past of the past. This will necessarily hide you from what might initially seem to be an awesome thing to do. In order to gain access to the innate sources of personal wisdom, first let go of those pieces of the aforementioned things that are now unprofitable – remove the old protective clothing and immerse yourself in whatever new experience life can come up with.

Once you have become part of that experience, all you are – mind, body and spirit – will be a tool for opening a receptive channel of communication between your own true response and those who share your familiar environment. Instead of trying to affect events from the outside, you will find that you become an integral part of them. It's a magical process: experiences the power of the nasty instead of just observing it.

Within you, you have the potential to integrate your internal conflict into unified whole, larger than the sum of separate objects.

Simple training provides an equal playing field where the trainer and client stand for each other as equality. Instead of taking a direct role, it's the true nature of personal authentication and power that is usually given to professionals and # 39; and source numbers and bring it back to home to which it belongs.

The ultimate goal of coaching is to facilitate this profound insight. The true purpose of human existence is to accept and commit to presenting the reality and the inevitable imperfection of life and all those who live.

… and in that imperfection, every person can experience the truth and beauty of an unconventional being and the possibility of untimely changes.


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