Leader, Resistance and Innovation

As an entrepreneur and owner of the company, I'm an example of innovation everywhere, I think it's part of entrepreneurial DNA! We have to solve problems every day, but fortunately most are not life and death reasons. The world had an amazing lesson last month with 33 Chilean miners who lived for 69 days buried half a mile into the ground. Now that a few weeks have passed and we have been able to reflect their provisions, we can all take away the most important nuggets from their incredible experience:

Learn the Best
I've been lucky in my work to work in an organization in world class like Procter & Gamble and Coke with incredibly talented people from all over the world, so I know that first hand can be great ideas and experiences anywhere. Hispanic Americans are very proud, but mining leaders and the country could immediately prevent their worldwide experts – Germany, Canada, Japan, the United States, Brazil, and everywhere – to come together and find a way to bring miners to safety. Chilearnir did not worry who got a credit rating here that they only wanted to bring 33 people alive. Obviously, played a big role here. Some challenges are just too big for one person to take care of themselves and Chilearnir knew soon that they needed support and support from others to succeed. It was an open source of innovation at best because everyone shared their best practices in a collaborative and collaborative environment for work. The trust and believe in each other and it paid off.

Never Give Up
Or as Winston Churchill said "Never Never Never, Never Give Up!" I'm sure there were some very dark times over 2000 feet below the ground, but they held the faith and hung together through everything. It took 17 days for the rescue crew to find them by drilling a little holes into the room. Until then they lived to reduce the rise of food and water. They organized themselves and leaders emerged. He held up his breath with daily group treatment where they showed their cards & # 39; and discussed any disagreements, plans and achievements. But when they had almost given up on the 17th day, they sent their minds through the cliffs that ended up being an incentive for the amazing rescue operation that saved their lives.
Hope is not a trend, you also need a plan!

Millions of people around the world watched human drama evolving as each of the 33 miners was up with a cable and we all listened together as they joined the tier family and friends. It was so inspiring to witness what happens when you organize carefully and perform without problems. The common sigh and boost of energy that everyone thought when we all knew they were alive and would be okay. I felt like I could do anything to make a list that day no matter what, no excuse. The rescue operation was an amazing feat of human ingenuity and character. When the leader of the group was the last to appear, which was actually my last lesson, he definitely got all his team and only the hole below shows. He led both the front and the rear with an incredible strength and composition. He kept the team focused and strong and helped them work hard with their fears. He had the vision and held them all the right way to the end.

Okay, what's your excuse for not doing the most important thing on your list today? Consider this official kick in your pants and start working on a plan to get it over to your list. Who are external experts whom you can talk to consultants? What is your plan? And what are you waiting for, vamanos!


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