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What happened in San Bernadino California in 1950 to change the way the world is eating? By understanding this story, you get an insight into successful innovation.

Every year thousands of restaurants are opened and close to many close their doors. Yet, San Bernadino, with over 100,000 residents, produced two restaurants that not only succeeded, continues to become home names – McDonalds and Taco Bell.

A great idea is created every day, but few people move from the drawing board to the stage and live even less in the lights. Why are few ideas for great innovations? Look at a small town in California that changed the restaurant for the answer.

San Bernadino had the most against it. It was relatively low compared to California's great cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. It was a sleeping agricultural area. And it was on the wrong side of the state. But it did one thing for it – Route 66.

In 1950, Route 66 was the mainroad for vacationers heading to Los Angeles and opened stores on Main Street America. This huge increase in tourism leads to increased trafficking in all directions, which means the birth of the fast food institution, the place of the first restaurant and the rise of the election. And San Bernadino was perfectly located in the right place on Route 66.

Ray Kroc, a tourist salesman Multimixer milkshake machine from Illinois, learned that Richard and Maurice McDonald were using eight of his high-tech machines in San Bernadino hamburgers. This unparalleled use made Ray interested so he traveled Route 66 to discover what was happening.

When Ray came to San Bernadino, he found a streamlined, very efficient restaurant called McDonald's. By using their "Speedee Service System", McDonald's brothers had a great deal of effort in setting up their kitchen by carefully scoring each worker, like assembly, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Believe in her formula, Ray suggested that they have their restaurant throughout the country. When they hesitated, he offered to do it for them. And as they say, the rest of the story is witnessed through the fabulous success of the McDonald's restaurant chain.

Glen Bell was found in a variety of cuisines in Mexico. He was fond of selling tacos in volume, rather than creating and filling them, as was the case in full-service restaurants. So introduced the McDonald brothers, Glen introduced a concept that revolutionized how the world eats.

The role of Route 66 in innovation was to provide a place where ideas could be discovered. Good ideas require level. A great deal of emphasis is placed on innovation towards the creation of ideas. While important, innovation is a combination of conceptualization, improvement and ideology. With respect to the McDonald brothers and Glen Bell, the 1950s automobile change and Route 66 exhibited.

For new organizations of innovations for work, they need to maximize their geographical location. And this brings us back here – millions of people travel through Dubai every year. Are they bringing new ideas here? Or is Dubai a stage to show homemade ideas that make them impact on innovation to grow?


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