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To consciously choose our own lives requires the ability to choose by their own power and power to show exactly what we have chosen.

o Our power comes from our well-being. It is the emotional state of our being that determines our value, our value and our power.
o Our power comes from our fundamental. The quality of the attitude we hold on life determines the confidence we must create in our lives. Our beliefs are the choices we constantly make about how we really see our world. When we think we can create our own reality, we can and we know we do.
O Our ability to realize, create and demonstrate a lofty life is equal to our emotional power (which we are) along with our adaptation to our highest choices and vision for this lifetime (why are we here ) which keeps our selves of the highest quality.

The formula for the lofty life is simply:

power + power = ability.
Self-esteem + Self-esteem = Self-esteem

When we get this formula confused, we lose and very frustrated.

o When we believe that money gives us power and value, we will be very confused.
o When we believe that the situation gives us authority and self-confidence, we will be very lost.
o When we believe that knowledge gives us the ability and opinion, we will be very frustrated.

Life training is a process of personal development that connects us with our own power, power and ability that is the source of our own worth, trust and compassion.

Life training is also a process of spiritual growth that links us back to our own vision, mission, and purpose for this lifetime.

Our ability to grow spiritually requires us to have enough (a lot of) personal power and power. Alas most people do not have enough power or power until they have had enough personal development.

Our task (if we approve of it) is to personally develop our power and authority in an adequate way to consciously choose our own individual, unique and exclusive vision and purpose that will determine the amount of our spiritual growth in this life-time .

Life training is a method of becoming & # 39; best & # 39; which we can be & # 39; (which we really are) and achieve the lofty majesty that we really are, that's what we have come here to do. We have come here to experience being human beings (why we are here) by being a person of any kind of humanity we choose.

When we are lost confused and frustrated, it is impossible to discover, explore and experience our vision, mission, and purpose in our lives.

Personal development is the process of finding clarity, direction and presence in our lives:

We gain clarity and power when we deal with our tolerance, enforce our boundaries and meet our emotional needs.

Our tolerance is the daily problem of life that empties all of our energy into our quest for finding acceptable solutions.
o Without strong limits, we will drain emotional energy to other people and to others and to believe.
Our emotional needs are how we consciously seek to regain our lack of energy and our emotional power.
We gain direction by choosing what we want in life, usually by experiencing what we do not want in life.
o choosing with our own power, we must first get rid of the restrictive attitude and fear we have inherited from other people in our early years.
Our limiting beliefs and fears are all that stands between our own and what we really want in life.
o We can be, do and have what we want in life once we have developed personal power, power and ability to choose it.

We become acquainted with life when we realize that reality exists only at the moment and there before we can only create and reproduce our reality in every moment and every moment we are present.

o Introducing the current instant reality as a gift (gift) requires us to move from our past judgment and from our future expectations.
Life training is the support and guidance required for achieving an effortless lifestyle by:
o avoiding problems with unscrupulous and disastrous lifestyle
o learn the lesson to receive the challenge for deliberate action
o recognize the opportunities that focus on our chosen way of life

to be spiritual or conscious consciousness, being aware of our consciousness and awareness of our consciousness means the balance of all three aspects of the physical, mental and emotional energy that is the essence of our humanity.

We are prepared to achieve the health, wealth and wisdom of being happy, fulfilling and containing true happiness and widespread ease when we come to our own powers, the powers and abilities we realize through our own spiritual development and growth.


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