Mission Statements Improve goals and decision making

Statement statement consists of a short sentence or several sentences that summarize the core priorities and instructions. It describes what you are trying to achieve and what you evaluate. It forms the basis for all long-term planning and describes the overall policy of where and what you want to be. By writing a personal mission, you give the opportunity to determine what really matters and make decisions to continue before you even start setting goals. They allow you to connect with your own purposes and help you improve your goals, time management and decision making processes.

MyGoalManager.com system uses the following 12 main target areas or goals Types: Adventure, Arts, Assets, Career, Charity, Family, Finance, Education, Health, Recreation, Social and Spiritual. The system allows you to create a personal mission position for each of these goals that sets the foundation for your goals in each area. These statements reflect your perception of the results of all efforts within the target audience. All the goals you set for a particular goal should be consistent with the statement statement and should help to fulfill the statement.

Statement statements are extensive and not specific as goals and they have no time limit. Mission Statements can contain phrases like "help as many as I can", "eat better", "earn more" or "be happier." When writing Mission Statements, ask yourself questions like "What do I want to achieve and promote?". Your statement will likely develop over time, and you may need to review them as your goals become clearer over time.

When reviewing your goals, be sure to check your statements to make sure that all your goals are in line with your core and priorities. MyGoalManager.com's "Goal Plan Outline Report" shows all your statements and goals in a structured, easy-to-read format. Visit http://www.mygoalmanager.com to get help for annihilation of mission positions and goals.


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