Network marketing and the power of positive affirmation!

One of the most important things anyone needs to do in business is to get their heads straight before they start working. The Network Marketing MLM or Home Based Business industry is absolutely essential because many of us can only work with our company a few hours a week.

Importance of "state of mind"

Being as productive as possible at the time we offer is important to the overall production or failure of our business. One of the most affected by our productivity is our " Mind Set ". As an entrepreneur, we must not have someone to help us concentrate and choose our spirits when they are down.

It is important to find ways to do this on your own and that we are motivated. Let's look at it; We do not have a boss to push us! It's easy to avoid doing something you're uncomfortable to do or do not like.

Positive Confirmation

"Positive Confirmation" is a statement that someone creates to help overcome certain challenges or to help them focus on a particular action and / or consequence. This includes things you do not control as much as you want.

An example of positive confirmation for an online market

  • I speak to 5 new people every day.
  • I'm attracting the right people to my business.
  • I am a very safe, good person, who has some of the value to offer the market.

When you decide your personal confirmation, consider the things you need to do to get the results you want from your business! If you need to do certain actions, confirm your confirmation as you do.

  • I call 5 new people about my products every day.

If something you do not control, but it affects your business, please write your confirmation as it happens as you like.

  • I attract wealth in abundance.

Use of Positive Confirmation

Write or print them in 3 copies in Big Bold Letters. Put one in a purse or wallet. Put one copy on the mirror in your bathroom. Put the last copy directly on your face, in the area you work, right in front of you where your eyes go when you work.

View each personal confirmation at least 10X each each day. Do not drop a few days! How many people you have is up to you. I usually work 4-6 at a time. Take this every day before you start working. This allows you to focus and encourage you.

Read separately before leaving the bathroom every time. If you find yourself in a waiting room or even a gas pump, take it out and get extra credit. To get the best results, work with each confirmation for 60-90 days before going to another.


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