New ideas, innovation, business development – New new ideas are still better cold

I'm regularly amazed at how quickly most companies & # 39; of companies, do not mind uninterrupted, uninhabited business associations, be able to sweep off the track and into the black drain requirement by spending time with simple 5 word swaps described at the meeting "I have a good idea!" [19659002] As an entrepreneur, we are genetically engineered to develop and test new ideas and continue looking for the latest bright shiny item. It's really a disease and we can not help her.

However, I've found some of my best & # 39; hot & # 39; New ideas were better, even great, if I left them alone for a while and let them marinate.

I do not suggest that you break the creativity and ideology between you or your team members, in fact, most small businesses discover new markets or create backward businesses. An idea set for a working group, concept team or mastermind group grows and innovations are born.

However, to keep your production meetings ok and your own productivity, I would recommend you set four steps or a channel for the submission of new ideas.

First, all the great ideas and # 39; should be written down immediately after you get into the brain. If you are not there, a very good opportunity will disappear as soon as it came.

Secondly, let the idea sit relatively troubled for at least 24 hours. Add information to the file but do not delete any real-time to do anything about it.

Third, put it open for formal discussion. In preparation for the briefing, do basic research and be prepared to present preliminary figures that answer these questions for 15 minutes or less:

  • Ideology
  • Is this a new product or service or is it a cost-saving idea?
  • What will it do or save us?
  • What is the concept of consciousness for us?
  • Who will buy it if the product, and who is the race?
  • Who will be affected if it costs a cost?

Based on your company size, if you have a regular team meeting, schedule time for each meeting to discuss 1-2 new ideas.

If you do not have a great schedule with a partner, advisor, coach or mastermind team that can help you develop, change or possibly kill it by playing devil spokesman. Important tip: Even if the idea is incorrect at this time, keep the file and your comments. I can not tell you how often the old idea will be timely several months or years later.

Go first three steps in this process before spending any money on it. By forcing a person who creates the idea to follow this plan and format, ideas will flow to you so that you can easily see merit or not and then if the idea has merit, you can go to the final step.

Forward, allocate people or schedule, to further develop the idea and test it. Make sure progress updates are scheduled as program items at subsequent meetings. This keeps people responsible for their idea and time, and does not allow a great idea to be lost.

When a good idea becomes a good idea … implement with speed and decision making.


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