New language innovation

As innovation changes from a tougher to a smoother process, the language will change to reflect this. Below is a list of terms that we generally use in our projects or companies, along with new vocabulary that we should all make to terms.

Point of Sale As the project becomes more transformative than commercial, we need to talk about creating purpose not simply throwing an idea.

Visualization Many of us see the results but it has to be vocalized too. We are all responding to different stimuli, so that wherever possible, we need to participate in the overall group.

Designer / employee / engineer When you are building something new and exciting then your team calls exciting. They are all author in their own specialist field.

Demand Requires very rarely work as intended. Create a dream and encourage others to purchase and accompany it with you.

Content We are all concerned about the content of the specifications and requirements of the documents. Think about Consequences about all the actions you take. Does it add customers experience, it improves comfort, security or entertainment?

Organization / Plan Instead of a bulky plan, create story and storyboard to join the team and encourage their contributions.

Tasks Your project needs to run along business lines, so run it like business with your customers as the primary shareholder.

Team According to the previous paragraph, your executives are actually board .

Titles Avoid this like the bully. If you have to group people, do it according to projects that they are performing.

Jargon Removing this, number is important to share knowledge and break down obstacles. If you use technical terms, make sure everyone understands it.

Communication Communicate Like You Fighting Make sure everyone is convinced and understands the complex ideas you are trying to overcome.

Follow Do not dwell on achieving things. You have a dream to follow but remember if you are new and there is some mistake to learn from. It's not a disaster, you're working adventure .

Question These are corrupted in large numbers. Encourage people to Ask for advice or policies, not just a matter of everything.

Action To do, replace study . Thus, you have both the actions and the acquisition of knowledge.

Program Do not think linearly. You must go on trip and the trail can turn and turn along the way.

Research If you are a novice, you must enter an unlisted area in some cases. Research can not help you. Intuition must become part of your vocabulary.

Guidelines Replace this with instructions speak and a little insight. No stiff methods here!

Guest Guest may be guest but do not take this too far.

Message If you take time to create a message, you want them to be remembered, so concentrate on creating memories minority than a useful distinction.

Present We often present our ideas and plans for people but in a collaborative environment we should hold together or merge with all our stakeholders.

History If you keep records, make it interesting, richer and full of knowledge. The directory of your journey through your innovation project is Your Story .


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