Objective: Do your expectations exceed your success?

Do you sometimes feel like you can not achieve the goals you set for
yourself no matter what you do? Do you feel like all your efforts are wasted
of time because nothing seems to be better for you? Perhaps
your efforts to put the problem out. Perhaps that's the goal you set
for you.

People have the habit of seeing the big picture as the issue we need
to deal with at the moment. Then when a big issue has not been eliminated with the
period we see, we get discouraged and decided it's not worth it.

Let me share a few examples with you to show what I mean. Say you've
decided you need to lose fifty pounds to get the weight you want to wear.
It's great. But what are you going to lose fifty pounds?

What changes to diet and workout are you going to do to achieve your goal?
? And more importantly. What is a safe and realistic average for
you lose each week and how many weeks will this plan take you to lose fifty

Let's look at another example. You have the internet and you have set goals
for you to retire and work full time on the internet within a year.

Once again, it's a great plan. But how much do you have to do in your business online
monthly to reach your goal a year? And how much will you have to do every day to achieve that every month? What marketing plans do you have
you have and will it enable you to do it a lot every day?

You see, it's not always your attempt that are the problem. Sometimes it is simply
a question of not thinking out a plan and confusing goal with dreams. The big
image is the dream. That's what you always hope to achieve, whether it loses
fifty pounds, works full time online or whatever.

Your goals are short-term plans that you have connected to meet you in your dream.
If you try to achieve the big dream at once without being a viable plan that consists of short
time goals, you will soon become the mood and surrender without realizing your dreams.

If you want to expect your performance, you might try to get
at the top of the ladder without climbing from the ring to the rung.

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