Positive confirmation of use when you are lazy

Has anyone told you you're lazy? Perhaps you have told yourself so often. You can use positive verification to move you past your connection or access to take action. But first, let's look at what might be behind the moral laziness.

What fear is in the way of action

Most others call lazy really have a deep fear. Some of the most common are fear of

  • warranty
  • failure
  • performance (often associated with responsibility)
  • to be different
  • to be separate from friends and family
  • Anyone fearing you have been based on that Belief that what you are thinking about doing is insecure. You bought these opinions when you were very young. Almost all of them originated before you were five years old.

    How To Know That Does Not Affect Actions

    Many seem to lack ambition simply because they do not know what they want to do with their lives. They have not found their passion yet. They have not discovered what it is that will encourage them to do something more than they are doing now.

    If someone seems to be a dedicated potato sauce, you can be sure that if a fire gets caught you'll get it. Having a passion calls for activities that turn the fire in to find goals and follow it.

    Usually fear making the wrong choice interferes with discovering something that the person is passionate about. Those who have always been excited about something in life or who have always known what they wanted to do when they were adults, have trouble understanding all who can not find themselves.

    How confirmation helps

    People who seem lazy often repeat the same statements, "I do not want," "I can not", "I'm not interested" or other self-esteem. Each time repeated repetition is repeated, it limits the limitation. When you use positive confirmation, positive statements, against you, restrictive faith. You are also starting to construct a new way in your brain that will open you for different possibilities.

    Proposals to move you forward

    If you want to change, you need to take action. This begins by changing the messages you give yourself.

    Changed "I can not" to "I can." Follow it by doing something else that you know you can do. It can be as simple as walking around the block.

    You may want to replace "I do not want" with "I want to get what I enjoy." Follow it by signing up on three things that you like to do. Then repeat to yourself, "I'm discovering what I really want to do with my life."

    If the problem is you're afraid, take a deep breath, hold it for four, and then breathe as much as you can. Then follow the positive confirmation: "I need the courage to overcome my fears."

    Hope begins subconscious

    Every time you use a positive statement rather than restrictive, you are opening the subconscious mind into other possibilities in life. When you use restrictive words, your subconscious mind supports these words. When you use words that open you to possibilities, your subconscious mind supports you in this area.


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