Positive Thinking and Confirmation

Positive Thinking and Confirmation
Part 1

Many develop negative thoughts and end up with great negativity in their lives. Life has two sides: negative and positive. If you look only on the negative side, you end up with negative thinking. Once you've developed negative thinking and continue to see things from a negative perspective, you'll have negative energy. Negative energy in you will develop until it affects your behavior and attitude. Having a long negative energy will make your attitude negative to almost everything. These negative qualities will adversely affect your personality and you will be permanently negative. In this situation, you start complaining about your job, your relationships, your environment and your life in general. You tend to be dissatisfied with almost everything. Your position of pleasure and happiness will be minimal. To reverse this mental / emotional development, you need positive thinking. You need to program your thinking to see things positive. You need to use positive confirmation every day to help you in that direction. Your positivity in your thinking will develop to include positive attitudes and behaviors that will extremely develop your personality to be positive. Once you've started to see the positive side of life, when you can see things positively, once you understand your thoughts towards positive, you can start to be happy about your life. Positive thinking plays an important role in almost everything you see or do. We tend to see things from our own point of view. We look at objects that are not objective. And if we can make the corner positive we can start changing. Negative thinking people sees the problem rather than the solution. They see the bad side of the situation. If they have experience that can have two sides, they only mention the dark side of that experience. For example: If they travel to a beautiful place and have fun for 10 days, but on the last day they had mild inconvenience or disturbance, they would only remember it last day and would mark this trip as bad. If they go to a beautiful restaurant and enjoy the atmosphere, the waitress was a little late late to prevent them from considering returning to this restaurant. They were programmed to find and see only the dark side of events.

A-Cause of Negativity:
Question: Why do people develop this type of negative thinking?

Negativity is related to many causes and factors.
1-Parents: One reason is that when they were children, their parents saw an act and behave negatively. They take this behavior from their parents at a very young age, aged 1-7 years. If they grow little, they can be connected to negative environments like negative friends or siblings.
2-Negative Experience: Another cause lies in repeated negative experiences about something or someone. When a young woman dates out of many people and it turns out she dysfunctioned wrong people for her, men who have different personality from her, it would be easy to see humans only negative. If a student came up with some negative teachers, teachers who are paid or treated unfairly from their schools can also be trained. If a young child was badly injured by his parents, he can grow to see life negative.
3-Environment: External conditions can also play important factors. Countries recently conquered can develop big-scale negativity. The impact of defeat is on all residents. Defeat in itself will create negative energy among all residents.
4. Living: If you are in a very poor country and it does not seem to be an obvious hope of changing a situation, you will likely get a negative look in life.
For this reason, it is not surprising that many, worldwide, suffer from bad negative thoughts and bad attitudes. When there is no hope for the future, people begin to get a dark picture of life. They start to realize negative, see bad causes and develop a sense of judgment. When this trend lasts for a while, it's only a matter of time that people will resort to negative solutions. Negative adolescents will take drugs and sex as a means of salvation. Countries can join the war as soon as possible. Very few people realize that the solution lies within them rather than outside.

B-How To Become A Positive?
If you've developed a negative personality for some time, you can get rid of it and become positive, but it takes time. There is no pillow that you can swallow, and after a few minutes you could see things differently. There are tools and mental programming that are useful, but you have to practice them regularly for some time.

1-Program Thoughts: This is the first basic step. You need to start seeing things from another angle. You must change your review line. This means starting to look at each situation more objectively. Whenever you represent a negative event, quit and ask yourself: Is there any positive side of this event? Remember that the positive side may be in the long run. Sometimes bad conditions are very good for building a character. Some negative results can teach you the personality skills that are missing you. We all want success, but we learn from mistakes rather than successful. Lost opportunity can give you a useful choice. If you repeatedly receive negative results from one behavior, remember that this may be a sign that you need to change this behavior. Similar to goals: Are you sure that this particular goal is the right goal for you? Are you sure this person is the right man for you? We learn from our mistakes the hard way and this hard way will lead to many questions that lead to different approaches, different maps altogether. By finding the appropriate card we can get what you want. Bad events can be a good revival. Once you have changed your thinking towards the positive side, you start the right way. Positive thinking will activate the law of attraction. Once you've only thought about something, you're very likely to attract it to your life. Similarly, if you expect a positive outcome to be due to the beginning of the law. Many research and research show that what you expect is positive. It's this spiritual exercise to start seeing things positive that will change your life. Never found that you had bad events or a few negative circumstances. We all experience these negative events in our lives. But it is important that we are positive in our perspective. We have the ability to see the bright side of anything. Your thoughts are the key. Control your thoughts and steer them to positivity.


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