Powerful Confirmation – I'm Unlimited!

One of my favorite authors is Emmet Fox. If you have not read Fox yet, I recommend picking up some of his books. If you are looking for a recommendation, I strictly recommend reading "The Mental Equivalent." It's unusual in their ability to encourage you. And it's short!

Said, I'll share with you a testimony from another Fox book, "Inconsistencies Made Clear" that I just ran over. Fox writes: "Those who are having trouble with the active inconsistency of life should remember that we only get partial share inspections, and that in part is something that never shows things as it really is."

This quote is facing me because I have some areas in my life, which I'm not 100% satisfied with. Fox word reminds me that what I see in my life now is just a picture. More importantly, there is a picture that can and will change. No matter what life looks like now, it's only a form of ideas that I've kept the most in mind. If I change the ideas I constantly kept in mind, the picture will change.

Each time this approach encouraged me to write some confirmations to send on the walls of my bedroom and the bathroom. As I was sending them, I found that you might find them useful too. Then I send them below to use as you feel comfortable. Enjoy!

I am unlimited in my power and I have growing health, strength, life, love, wisdom, boldness, freedom, love, and meek now and forever.

I'm unlimited in my power. What I can accomplish today is only a small mirror of what I'm truly able to achieve. There is no risk of my ability – no risk of my ability to do what I want to do.

I adjust my thinking to reflect the unlimited nature of my power.

I daily increase my understanding of what I can do. I let go of old attitudes that hold me back; and willingly embrace new views that agree on unlimited power. The result: my world will be better and better.


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