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Purple Sheep & Fuzzy Innovation

Fuzzy innovation is about getting stuff done. But getting content that's worth getting it done.

Fuzzy as we have to explore, be open to new ideas and always strive to do things in a new and better way. Fuzzy is not straight, defined or contained.

Innovation as we have to own. Innovation is not just a word that, when added to a mission statement, makes an independent reason, layout or product better. Innovation is a sense, it's a verb, and it's a way that never reaches perfection.

Fuzzy innovation is about building a real value that will benefit man's lives.

There could be one person (you) or it could be six billion. Fuzzy innovation is a calendar of estimated discovery with some good surprises along the way. Fuzzy Innovation is about understanding people and creating what makes them hapy. If that's done right, happy to share with money instead of the agency.

Purple Sheep?

Small sheep finds, where white sheep only eat and pots.

Creating purple sheep requires special effort. Purple sheep does not just happen to yourself you know.

Why do purple sheep keep in 1st place? Not because you can, but because it will increase your life. Because purple sheep adds interest, humor and distributes joy.

Purple sheep are leaders, not sheep.

Why do we need purple sheep?

Modern consumers now have almost everything they need.

The choice of products, services and brands is overwhelming, so it has never been harder to make the product noticeable.

Television cards, billboards and other media are ineffective and disappear in the background. It's just noise that people try to ignore.

To attract consumers, now extra push is required. But we are nowadays where consumers are flooded by choosing and disabling ads.

The way to reach consumers after consumption is not to take a normal product and relax on it.

Consumers now have to catch up with innovation.

People love to discuss new things and be first. It is an element of arrogance to recommend the latest part and to be seen as a leader.

Consumers turn off when they think they are marketed. Reputation in the ad says: "I'm trying to sell this product and I use someone else's fame because the product is not on my own. & # 39;

New marketing is about innovation

-Production in Product
– Introduction to the Marketing of the Product

It's about the stories we say and how we say it. It's also about what we say to them. And who spreads the word on our behalf.

Know your audience.

Before you live, ask who?

It's amazing how many products fail and how much money is wasted in product development and marketing unknown. There is no excuse for products and / or services that fail on the market. All it takes is to ensure that before the trip begins, think about what to live in 1st place.

Successful products sometimes happen by accident, but they always happen with design!

What makes one product distinct from others is great innovation. Design is easy to follow a process that begins and ends with people. If you really understand people and always review your creativity through the evolution, keep asking, who wants this? How will this enhance her lifestyle?

You are much more likely to work. Making a working product is guaranteed if you set up to do something that is going to make somebody happy.

Niche is not enough!

Even purple sheep need access.
We are going on a trip now. Imagine you are in the South Pacific Paradise. The last country on earth to discover, the scenery is beautiful, the land is clean and green, the years and the waters are crystal clear and the mountains are snowy. Native Bush, untouched by manni, unique plants, delicious fruit, land strange and mythical creatures … and sheep … full of sheep.

First, the sheep seem to be a beautiful, white fluffy symbol that represents man and nature that works in perfect harmony. Everywhere you look, there are sheep.

After a while, you stop watching the sheep. All the sheep start to look the same. The innovation has gone away.

What if it was a purple sheep. Purple sheep would be noticeable. A purple sheep would be worth talking about.

The marketing of the product, the story that is said is right there built in the product and it will be noticed is worth talking about, as it is unique.

But that's not enough!

What is the market for purple wool?

It's no good thing to do a unique product that people talk about if they say, do not buy purple sheep, they do not have access.

The story must be about the benefits of purple cheeks. We need people to talk about how to invest in purple sheep, their lives have been improved.

As always, it comes back to making things that people will love.

What drives modern consumers?

We can not pull the wool over the eyes.

World is getting smaller

Consumers are currently operating internationally with similar experiences

People are traveling more than ever in human history
People are worried about security.
The Credit Crunch is rather hard to ignore!
Environmental concerns are growing
Ethical concerns. People want to know who made their products and that they were paid fairly.

We are living nowadays as people long for security, comfort. People are looking to link back to the past, with family and nature.

Electronic age connected to the world and information is now more accessible than ever before. Investigate if purchased online is a normal part of the business experience.

So the world is moving faster. Consumers are better informed; Being environmentally responsible is now just a good business profit.

Thus, consumers are now looking for …

Fair-trade, Sustainability, Quality, Comfort. Consumers looking for carpets that deliver all the benefits of soft floors, but also without environmental impact.

We will see growth in consumers looking for genuine and integrated stories. The demand for truly sustainable products will grow. Consumers buy value.

Green laundry does not draw purple wool over eyes

One blog post today is now a potentially powerful advertising campaign.

Consumers will, and do, look for opinions about products and services before they commit a lot of earned money.

Negative comment on a blog can be fatal for trademarks.

So what are people talking about? We must give them something to talk about.

This is where Purple Sheep comes in and helps your business become magnetic.


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