Quantum Physics and Confirmation

Quantum physics changes reality and shows us that the mind plays a major role in what is considered to be real. Quantum theory puts forward an assertion that reality will only be real when an observer monitors it. The universe consists of infinite numbers of superpositions, probability of finding particles at a certain location at a certain time. The waves the chances of each part drop only in the definite reality once. Here is the world of quantities that will only be real when we make an observation.

If quantum physics describes the state of each particle on earth, mathematical physics also describes our minds. Think about each other because you like to investigate violence. Each thought is the choice of observation. At any moment, we choose what thoughts and quantum mechanics make this thought real. Similarly, when we think of our environment, career, relationships, health, etc., we are making decisions about what to monitor and by observing that the observation becomes reality.

Say, for example, that you are looking outside and you choose to think of the beauty of beauty, the fact is that your opinion is beautiful. However, if your choice was to notice all the leaves you will be driving in the fall, then the environment will be very different.

Quantum physics states that we can choose what really is. Verifications can help to make positive choices about reality. When you consciously choose what you confirm, you make an observation. You are increasing the likelihood that you will focus on the overview. By simply opening your mind about abundance, health, love and joy, you are more likely to see this reality in your comments.

The confirmation will be particularly powerful when looking at Quantum Zeno Effect, a rule in Quantum Physics. The Quantum Zeno Effect says that fast-paced observation can keep the status more stable for longer than usual. Indeed, if stated long enough, the state can become permanent. Our minds, our thoughts, are in constant natural activity. When we choose to keep our attention on certain thoughts, we create the power to hold the thought that is permanent in our minds. We have the power to create a new default nervous connection in our brain. If we can keep thinking long enough and with conscious attention, according to the Quantum Zeno Effect, we can permanently change our state of mind. Repeat confirmation can play a role in creating a permanent positive state. Imagine life with positive thoughts, positive attitude and positive reality.

Verifications focus and effort. Saying something three times and expecting a new life will not create success. However, there is a true, true, powerful, proven scientific power in using persistent positive thinking to change reality. Quantum physics shows us that there are various possible outcomes; You are the one who has the power to choose.


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