Six steps to set goals

You probably have at least a general idea of ​​what you want to achieve, but you need to be precise and realistic. Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for two or more hours. Be comfortable and think about these six steps while writing your goals. Good luck!

1. Be prepared for the unexpected:

The item never goes exactly as it is intended. Rather than giving up or being disappointed, seeing unexpected events as new challenges can increase the process.

2. Be passionate about the goals you set:

In order to implement, you must be inspired. Make sure your goal is clearly defined and that its performance is important to you. Your goal should be achievable, but only if you represent your best performance.

3. You must be the one who can accomplish the goal:

It must be clear that you are the one who will take action to achieve that goal. It's ok if you need workers or other help, but the driving force should be you.

4. Your goal must be something you are truly encouraged to accomplish:

You must be ready to do all that is necessary to accomplish this goal, because it is so important to you. Achieving this goal should encourage you to do your best.

5. The best goals can be determined in one of two sentences:

You should be able to explain your goals to all those with education for one minute or less. Practice explains your goals until you have a brief, easy-to-understand statement about your goal. Let others be a sounding table for you.

6. Your purpose and progress must be easy to measure:

You must have a tangible way to check your progress to make sure you are on track towards your goal. Perhaps your progress is measured with units sold or dollars earned. Whatever you use, you must have a reliable way to measure your performance.

Jo Ann Joy, Esq., MBA, CEO
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