Smart goal – 7 warning signs of inadequate life

"This life!" are the two most dangerous words for your future. Yet they are prominent again and again.

They show a life of "flowing". To passively accept whatever is on the way.

These prospects of life will inevitably lead to inferior life than you were created.

Basically, you will find two types of attitudes to life:

  • Life is difficult, with some happy moments.
  • Life is blowing, with a few difficult moments.

You can choose which of these two categories you will live for the rest of your life by not allowing you to get started.

Here are 7 warning signs describing a person who has fallen into the "Valuation Force":

  • The Vision System and Purpose of Life
  • Feeling Sentiently Ripped
  • ] Problems getting up in the morning. 19659006] 19659006] 19659006] 19659006
  • Financial Disability, ]

    One of the things forgotten and the most dangerous facts about this attitude to life is that we are all vulnerable. All we have to do to live this kind of is: nothing.

    The attitude of life is eternal state of spiritual laziness. If we just accept what is going on and treat somehow the best we can, circumstances will prevail and we will easily lose our lives.

    How to Protect Yourself from Inferior Levels:

    • Call God, He's Better Than You
    • Take A Preventative Attitude: Work For Your Purposes, One Step At A Time
    • Exercise your brain daily.
    • Develop unique gifts and talents
    • Get rid of negative thinking patterns
    • Stop looking back, you can not change the past, but you can change your future like it's off today!
    • Realizing that God has already designed a perfect plan for your life, you just have to decide to walk:

    "For we are the work of God (His remake), recreated in Christ Jesus (born on Christ Jesus new) that we can do the good work that God predestined (planned in advance) for us (taking ways he expected in advance) that we should walk in them (live a good life that he suggested and made himself ready for us to live) "

    (Ephesians 2:10; The Amplified Bible)

    Yes! God enabled you to live a good life, not challenging. Instead of being struggling to keep your head over water, why not walk the water instead? With God, everything is possible!


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