Taking & # 39; in & # 39; Out of innovation

There have been many articles lately that have focused on putting & # 39; lead & # 39; back in leadership or "& # 39; man back to managers. But what about innovation, I thought, what does it not already have? One of my recent articles focused on Slow Innovation, returning basics and ensure everyone understands the term, the things they play, and the overall goals.

This is an internal matter for organizations. What's happening in an external environment that helps or hinders innovation? One possible problem is "spinning" # 39 ; .Interprise as a word is incredibly fashionable and sexy. To make a phrase phrase it is "& # 39; in & # 39;. Sorry to take & # 39; in & # 39; out would take quite a bit of work, the best thing we can do is to warn participants in this fashionable game.

Who's involved and what's the problem here? First of all we have a message that & nbsp; Innovation is good & # 39; from governments, with wrong granting, wrong agencies, counseling from the wrong people! At a slightly lower level, innovation is considered scary to all bad. Wrong! If you hear this, an external consultant is trying to sell you a little "disguised" to change the application. Within organizations, people are jumping up and down and shouting "eureka & # 39; and want to set up an innovative project. Some may be well-intentioned but they want to play with pet projects during their spare time.

This happens with very high statements, but next time someone in your company mentions innovation, thinking about what it's supposed to do and that everyone speaks the same language. Make sure that innovation is not just a fashion accessory, but a necessary part of being well organized.


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