Ten innovations to make the meeting exciting

The manager goes to the office and asks you to increase sales by 20% and he has given you three days to complete the project. You are a little surprised by the request, but you accept happy tasks. Before leaving the office, he asks you to cut the cost of trading by 30%. He has kindly given you five days to complete the project. Some may be afraid of the projects but you smile and tell your manager that you will give you the best. Later on, he returns to the office and says something that is awesome. You start sweating. He has asked you to do something that is almost impossible. He has asked you to make the next business meeting exciting. He can hear you gasping. You want to yell "Please give this assignment to someone else." You want to shout: "It's this project from the world." You calm yourself, find some courage and boldly take the project. You can not think of a little. It is not enough to deliver caps. To say a sweet story will not be enough.

Here are 10 things you can do to keep a meeting exciting:

  1. Report to the group that at the meeting you should come up with three things that are not true. Let participants know that false comments may be personal or business. The people who come up with three wrong comments participate in the raffle and the winner receives a complimentary dinner for two in a classy restaurant or they will receive a salary on Friday. People listen intentionally and it will add fun to the meeting.
  2. The CEO of the company has come to the meeting and replenish coffee bars and water glasses. Sometimes he has a tuxedo. He invites people to pillow their chairs. The CEO provides a good snack to attend. He looks like a teddy bear for all. The CEO goes into the meeting a few times and does not say a word. This will create expectation and smile.
  3. Rent a temporary employee to come in a variety of boxes, one by one and stack them in a corner. If someone gets curious and asks you what in the boxes tells him you can not talk about it until the meeting has passed. Have a temporary employee shake his head as he leaves the room and ask you, "Are you sure you want these boxes here?" Think about a little and say, "I think so." In addition to activation, alarms have gone off in one box. Get up, grab the alarm and without people, call 10 minutes. Repeat the process several times. At the end of the meeting, open the boxes and extract some tasty snacks or gift cards for attendees.
  4. Have an employee occasionally enter the meeting room and ask yourself: Have you told them yet? Answer "No, I have not." This will make employees curious and alert. Every time he walks in the room, he uses another color. At the end of the meeting, ask employees to write down the colors of the relationship he wore. The people who correctly write down the colors of the relationship get a prize.
  5. Invite everyone in the meeting to perform a shameful task that must be completed at the next meeting. For example, ask the department's advertising manager to receive advertisements for the company on national television. If they respond to infidelity simply say "You hear me." Everybody will wonder what a terrible task will be thrown along the way at the meeting, and the expectations add some tension before the meeting.
  6. Rent a comic to sit in the meeting and take notes. Often, he asks to repeat comments that participants have made. Keep him intentionally misquote them. The wrong witnesses cause participants to appear arrogant, rude, silly, selfish, etc. For example, "my intelligence is simply astonishing." Have the driver wrong to answer the employee employee who made one of your comments, "Boss, it's outrageous and I will simply not allow it." Smile and the group will laugh.
  7. Hire a singer to attend the meeting. The information group about a new employee was highly advised by the employment service and will be a good asset for the company. When you ask him questions, he answers by singing answers in different musical styles; sometimes with music or hip hop. Shake your head after he sings.
  8. Have an artist sitting in the room and create a photo of the participants in the meeting. Keeping a movie secret until the end of the meeting will add some tension. Allow employees to put their photo in their office or take them home to show their family and friends.
  9. Inform participants as there will be a question about the content of the meeting. The one who has the right answer answers the desired prize. Employees have to pay more attention at the meeting.
  10. Without announcing the participants of the upcoming questions, jump in famous quotes from movies into the meeting. Put the quotes into unpleasant circumstances to make employees curious about the use of film cites. Anyone who writes down the deals that accompany the correct movie gets a prize.

Not just an aim to make the meeting interesting or attractive; make the meeting exciting. Employees will appreciate the effort and it will create a great rapport with employees. Stay innovative once for a while and you'll have a happier office.

Many of these tips can work well-to-face meetings and even meeting sessions on the web. If you plan to organize a conference call teleconference, numbers 1, 4, 5, 9 and even 10 will refresh your conference call. It's time to become creative with your own meetings and "think out of the box" when it comes to keeping your meetings exciting!


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