Ten ways to promote innovation

In order to compete efficiently, we must look for new and better ways to accomplish our mission. We need to find creative ways to please our customers. And we need to find new ways to get more done with fewer resources.

When things change as quickly as they are, things make things an old way not to be profitable for a very long time. To grow we must constantly be innovations.

And innovative contractors and better employees. People want to be part of something creative. It's stimulating and fun.

Here are 10 things you can do to promote the culture of innovation and creativity.

1. Live the opportunity. Know that each problem has many possible solutions. Be in the belief that you and your team can find a better way to do everything you think about. Practice CANI-Constant and Endless Reform.

2. Always ask what you do and why you do it. All too often projects and projects creep into our processes that are not necessarily consistent with our goals and purposes. Make sure all you do is in line and produce the results intended.

3. Challenge of prolonged faith. Just because something has always been done in a certain way does not mean it's still the best way. Like Anthony D & # 39; Angelo said, "Just because something's a tradition does not make it right."

4. Do not accept the first solution immediately. There are many possible solutions to each problem. Most people go with the first credible who comes up and miss thinking longer and find more efficient and elegant answers.

5. Read. You can not learn less. The more you know about something, the more you find you do not know. By adding your knowledge base, you will find more and more organizations. And the type of organization is where there seem to be stunning things happening.

6. Have fun. Creating ideas about how to make things faster, easier, with fewer resources is really fun. And things that are fun to do are most often found. Schedule a regular brainstorming session and practice green light thinking. Order pizza for lunch and focus on problems or processes and create as many ideas as you can.

7. Get around people in different industries. As you step out of your knowledge area, the door opens new and different perspectives that you can use to make use of.

8. Challenge your team to look deeper. When Henry Ford asked his engineers to design the V8 engine, they said it was not possible. He said it would be done – and always they did.

9. Make sure you have enough time to do nothing. When we are constantly involved in doing things, we do not offer a fertile foundation for ideas rooted.

10. Load your subconscious. Give your mind something to work while you fall asleep. Choose a problem you want to solve, a process you want to add or a new product you want to create before going to bed and forget about it. Tell yourself that you want at least three cool ideas the next day and expect to receive them. Trust me, it works.


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