The definition of server favor

In light of so many literature about the leadership and management of modern times, written by such luminaries as Seth Godin, Peter Drucker, Peter Senge and Tom Peters, I wonder why there is still a lot of confusion about the definition on the management board.

It's quite simple, a leader of leadership, where the leader has learned to put others in front. There are of course two important thoughts placed side by side during this period: servant and leadership.

The servant is the one who impresses his lord. Whatever sir says, the waiter does it without flinching and without complaint. On the other hand, the master gives his servant. Well, in an ideal world, the master is a good man who sees the welfare of the slave. After all, if the latter is weak and is weak, the work is not over and the interests of the master are endangered. In order to ensure that the company continues, the master has to ensure the welfare of the server.

The leader, however, is how a person means vision. For some, this means gaining status and authority within an organization. For others, it means collecting followers to make offers. The leader is very different from the server because the leader has followers who can make their offer.

Now, if we put these two terms side by side, then the leader will become a servant. His master would have his share and even his very customers. Thus, a servant leader can increase the life of the organization and lead to a better position.


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