The goal – five steps to transform your life forever

Almost everyone has heard about the goal setting and amazing opportunity that it offers. But when it comes to setting goals, most people either fail or set goals that are not well thought out. Not surprisingly, they fail to realize their goals and conclude that the goal is to waste time.

How would you like to have a tested, systematic process for setting goals? One that can be applied in all areas of your life? It's definitely a blueprint for setting goals that can work very well and this article describes this process.

A well-known self-help author from Wallace Wattles in the early 20th century says that a penny of action is worth a pound of theorizing. This is an absolute truth, in almost all areas of effort. The following steps will help you set outstanding goals, but if you do not take action to achieve these goals, the goals will remain on paper.

Let's go straight into it.

Step 1: Make a Real Choice
Know the main areas of your life. Examples – Career / Business, Health, Family, Romance, Hobbies, etc. Choose what you really want in each of these areas. Allow your imagination to roam yourself for free. Do not put any restrictions on it. Simply keep writing down your ideals for each area, no matter how far they seem now.

Step 2: Get Specific
While it's ok to provide a vision or general goal in Step 1, you must be very careful about them. "I want to make more money" is not a goal. It's just a wish. "On December 31 this year I have increased my income by $ 40,000" – that's a much better goal. It is much more meaningful and clear than the first statement. Do not let out detail.

Step 3: Set Clearly
They say that the goal is a dream with a deadline. View an example statement above – it has a certain time limit. It says: "December 31 this year" you must achieve a certain goal. Your subconscious mind best supports your efforts when you explicitly set a deadline (and fill in all other information). Moreover, if you do not have a temptation, even your conscious mind tends to take it easy. And you will not end up achieving your goal at a reasonable time.

Step 4: Make Precise Scheduling
In the last three steps, you have written down your dreams, set them specific and set the times you want to achieve those goals. At this point you should sit down and carefully think about each goal. How will you get it? What ordinances are you ready to get there? Write down plans for target levels on paper. Do this for all your goals.

Step 5: Take Action
If you do all of the above four steps and do not take action, your goals will be unrealistic forever. You must be prepared to step out of the comfort zone and make things happen. So get started immediately to make these goals real! This can not be emphasized.

Use these five-step targeting process on a regular basis and watch your live stunning transform for the better!


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