The Greeks had two words for time – Chyros and Chronos

Chyros is the amount of time (24 hours a day) while Chronos comes from the Greek word "kairos" – appointed time purpose of God, timing! So, some or maybe all of us work in Chyros time, work at least 12 hours a day to pay the bills, then hesitate home to spend some family time and repeat the same lot for Christmas as you can sigh a sigh of relief and take some time . Then there are clever few who discovered Chyros, the power of timing and tenure to convey to your favor. That's where everything flows, with the minimum effort you meet right people on time, etc.

Have you ever wondered what the situation your consciousness should be like to hear Chyros? A Awareness Trainer® would partner with customers to do the following:

1. Set Your Highest Purpose

Have you a clear idea of ​​where you're going? Have you ever been with or without a coach to see where you are going and where you are going? Is what you have now for your life in line with the best version of the greatest view you could ever have for you? Take time and write down what you want to create for yourself if you could do it all the way …

2. Meditation

Meditation, whatever you choose to do, is one of the best ways to slow down your mind and reduce your negative self-esteem. Take time in yourself from your busy schedule (yes, kids will be fine and someone will always take out the trash) but do it for you! Put it calmly for 10 minutes a day, open eyes and put together the conversations that are happening in your mind. Be an observer and at work be awake, alert and alive! Stay home when delivery comes!

3. Keep Your Conscious Completely

Make a conscious record of everything in your environment, mentally, physically or spiritually, either to pull you down or lift yourself up. The physical things that pull you down can be sold, given away or thrown away. Awareness coach © could assist you in completing the attachment to internal components (emotionally and spiritually). This will save space in your consciousness, keep it perfect and free for Chyros to deliver and for you to be able to notice the gifts that Chyros has to deliver.

4. By Your Power

Is your goal defined in space and time and have you decided to be your word and treat it unpredictably? Make clear commitments and take a bold stand expecting to go to your favor, helping Chyros to deliver you in a magical way. But hi, if you have not mentioned it, how on earth can you expect to claim! Remember, the more you commit, the more Chyros works in your favor!

5. To Be Relaxed And Available For Chyros To Return

Do I have to say something about being so stressed out that you do not even hear the man next to you at the cafe looking for the exact item you are selling or seeing An old friend across the road that could possibly help you with the tasks you're busy with? Instead of being frantically on your phone, focus on the project, take steps to work late and you miss the great opportunity for scheduling to play in your favor …

These are all tools to slow down and look at all the gifts that life has to offer! And everyone will arrive at exactly the right time, the right place and not a minute too soon. We just need to be loose, aware and available to not miss.


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