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The network of objects is defined as a network that connects all components and is based on the Internet. Different from the internet, there is another way that integrates a variety of information technology tools, including RFID, IR sensors and GPS, which enables information sharing and correspondence. As a result, a network that has intelligent recognition features, locates, traces and controls.

In recent years, the growing development of network bandwidths, sensors and computer-based recognition has attracted much attention from common people and has become one of the most powerful components of the Internet.

Technically, the internet is the most powerful factor. As technology represented by 3G, 4G and sensor developed, packaging and instant delivery will be available. In addition, cloud computing will provide subsidies for information storage and calculation. From the application elements, it will perform the role of intelligence and interactive cooperation. Furthermore, it will know about different practices and characters of various users to offer customized services.

However, there are still some challenges for the internet of things. First, you can steal information in smooth cards by a hidden reader or lost during shipment. Thus, privacy will be public, which will cause major losses for both consumers and businesses. Secondly, it is difficult for various departments to work together. In addition, data security is another issue that needs to be solved to ensure a much safer data environment. Finally, because the entire system is complex, many functions need to be integrated with a specific intelligence system. Connected chip is: UC2840 .


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