The novelty or creator, definition – Innovation Style No. 1

Every entrepreneur is different, and each as an option for a particular innovation style. There are at least four of these settings and most of the innovators will usually be in line with one or most of them. The key to this is that you need to have an example of all four innovation options if you want to reduce the likelihood of an idea failing.

The first innovation style is Innovator-Creator. We all know this kind of thing – they are the ones who dream exciting ideas in a steady stream. Their abilities are to see the inspiration in their environment and turn them into fresh new terms that no one else has thought about. Entrepreneur Creator, quite literally, sees money growing on trees.

Innovators are exciting to be around because they are always good and positive. They are kind of individuals who always come up with out of the box and think of any challenge in their organization. However, they can often be disruptive because even if they are part of a big problem, they are equally likely to start again because they have thought of a better way than completing what they & # 39;

This is a major drawback in Innovator-Creator: they are usually terrible in implementation and implementation.

These are people who might be great to think about new things, but ask them to finish what they & # 39. The way always ends in tears. This happens even if they have had enough resources to hide their constructions as they set forward to achieve. They are characterized by very short noteworthy and very low dear threads. They & # 39; It's much more dreaming something new than finishing what they've started.

The lack of advanced skills in implementation is the main disadvantage of innovation, but they are also quite mysterious when it comes to seeing potential d ownside in some of their ideas. Because they find the process of creating unique new ideas for excitement, they'd rather ignore all the clues that indicate that their big new thing is not very good. Unfortunately for them it means that they will often start with what's obvious to be stupid and they wonder why their new things have exploded in their face.

The ideology that defines the innovator, which is always consistent, is new to ideology, whether it has a major impact on a particular problem or not. If you were looking for an entrepreneur who describes the label "cowboy", here is the group who reads it.


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