The Power of Confirmation

What is confirmation?

Confirmation simply means declaring that something is already true. First of all, popularity of napoleon hill in the famous "Think and Grow Rich", he simply said that there is repeated instruction in the subconscious mind. "The" New Age "writers and NLP experts then have the popularity of this as" Power of Positive Thinking ". I will simply continue NH's idea of ​​confirmation simply to believe that what one wants, has already happened and to send a subconscious directive to record the event allows all the resources to show the truth that he thinks is true.

Guidelines for Creating Effective Verification

1. Get deeper, get higher. Show what you want when you reach Listen to your happiness and happiness. How do you feel about this achievement? Explain what is happening to you from this point of view.
2. Confirmation is the statement of the most effective event event. Surprisingly, It must therefore begin with "I am …." Awareness takes them as a command to make it happen.
3. As it has When happened and this is a statement about Achie Event, it must be your present situation.
4. Verifications must be expressed in a positive manner. The subconscious mind records in pictures and not words. Therefore, any statement mentioned is not understood. Unconsciously has no images for the word no. So, if I said, "I'm not smoking", the image of the subconscious is smoking. Instead, if "I'm free from the habit of smoking", it can create a picture of freedom from the habit and work accordingly.
5. Keep it short and simple – so it will be a mantra that you can repeat at any time and anywhere.
6. Make it SMART: Specific and measurable. I will be rich, not understood. Another $ 1 is richer with one dollar and that's what the subconscious will give you. So I will make $ 1,000,000 on December 31, 2010 and watch how your plans evolve to let you know.
7. Make it active (add) so it encourages you to respond now.
8. Add feelings for your confirmation. You need to be running to achieve your goals, so to speak with emotions will keep your motivation at the highest level.
9. You confirm yourself and not to others. Your subconscious mind is interested in not delivering you to others.
10. Add a little more – you know, make it big. Do you want $ 1 million for 10 million. Your subconscious does not know the difference, if it will work to deliver 1 million to you, it will also work as hard to deliver 10 million to you.

If I were to confirm today:

I am pleased to be a good coach and instructor, who earns $ 100,000 a year by enriching my clients' lives. Dateset December 31, 2010.

Now that you have a confirmation, how are you using it?

Review your confirmation as often as possible. If you are able to do it in meditation – so much better. Otherwise, just close your eyes, ok you do not like to close your eyes, so be open. Submit yourself to a confirmation date and repeat your confirmation. Feel all the feelings you'll feel and say it with passion.


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