The power of confirmation in your life

"I'll Never Get It!" "I can not!" "I quit!" Known words that are often considered silent, these words can be a message of failure and frustration when silent is counted almost daily. The words you tell yourself about yourself are powerful tools for your success and failures. Verifications are the words you think or say aloud that lead your life. And the confirmations you say to yourself can either build you up or tear you down, so be careful with your thoughts. You have the power to control your life with the thoughts you form in your head and the message you speak. There are several key ingredients to generate positive success-based confirmation:

* Always tell or write your confirmation by using a statement, "I am," to start your confirmation. Example: "I am a spiritually powerful man who knows the way of life."

* Use statements that are customizable and are not written as they occur in the past or in the future. You would not want to write or say, "I do not want to lose again so I can get a great job today." Use a statement like: "I'm a winner and there before I get a lot of work today in all my studies."

* Keep your confirmations short whenever possible so you can talk them quietly and loudly many times a day.

* Confirmation for various parts of your life, including work, family, spiritual life and health.

* Practice them daily – Make them part of your daily life and watch the wonderful things happening in your life.

When you work in your life a day, your life will grow. You must foster your spirit, your mind and your soul. There are so many positive things you can do for you – so do it!


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