The Ritz Carlton – Research on Innovation in Action

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The hotel chain Ritz Carlton considers customer service to be the essence of it. Because the company operates a hotel that is not really a surprise. But they have gone by making the innovation a brand or brand – it's a systematic culture among their employees. Consider the following:

  • Every employee of Ritz Carlton is carefully targeted and purchases with the customer center for which the company is known.
  • Every employee, along with staff at his department, attends a weekly meeting to review one of its principles and put forward ideas to better apply it in their field.
  • Every employee and department writes a statement statement that relates specifically to them and sets the goal they have in obtaining world class services.
  • Every employee, from the homeowner to the executive, can spend up to $ 2000 – no permission required – to fix anything that a client is having trouble with. Now they need to write a report stemming from what they did to fix the problem, but there are no reminder of the fact that they spend the money.

What are the results? Ritz Carlton has better than 95% ROI from its customers – and it's average at night for over $ 200. The turnover of the RC is less than 25% per annum, in industry with an average turnover of more than 125% (with an hourly salary of the same). Customer "Wow!" stories across and staff are proud to be part of a company that has won many Malcolm Baldrige and another award for quality and performance.

Ritz Carlton Personal Stories

  • Several businessmen walked within walking distance on the way to the hotel and on the way an employee arrived by finishing the floor. The waiter heard one man tell his friends that he was not happy with his room because the case was with a bathtub. The employee introduced himself, apologizing for the problem, moved the person to the amateur room at the receptionist's height, then went to get the bathing water stuck.
  • Individuals had stayed at Florida Ritz Carlton for their 15th wedding anniversary and in contact with the hotel gift products were talking to others on occasion. The office then heard and watched their names on the file, had a bottle of champagne and glasses delivered to their room immediately after the compliment of the hotel.

The hotel chain pioneered numerous methods based on recommendations from employees who understood it from even their best competitors.

Housekeeping staff, once a room has been created for new visitors, set the radio to a particular station. If the station has been changed when cleared, a new setting is registered and, consequently, the customer's visits will find the radio that is pre-arranged at the station upon arrival.

The computer system of the system also brings the customer's name and room number to any support staff (callers, kitchens, etc.). Customers are always direct with their proper name on some phone calls they make within the hotel.

Can you apply any of these world-class methods to drive innovation in your business? Of course you can! And what results will you see? You see a rise in morale, high employee involvement, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction. All of these will translate into higher sales with higher final customers. Do you want to try it? Here you go!


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