Theory of Goal Setting

Why should you set goals? Does it really help you to succeed? Lots of people succeed without a written goal, right? The truth is that less than 1% of those who write down their goals actually get what they put forward to accomplish.

A study was conducted by Harvard University where a student was from 1960. This class was asked what their goals were. All of them had goals, but only half of them had written something down. Of those students, even smaller numbers had written down certain goals, such as becoming XYZ's CEO. An even smaller number of students had written down certain goals with the deadline provided. For example, they would become a millionaire by doing a specific job at the age of 35 years. Most of these students had presented a plan describing what steps they needed to take on a monthly and annual basis to achieve those goals.

The study followed these particular students as they went through their lives. Twenty years later, what do you think it achieved its goals? Of those who had only orally responded to their goals, no one had achieved that goal. Of those who had written down unclear ideas about their goals, only 1 person had achieved their goal. Those who were more accurate about their goals had a success of over 50%. As for students who designed a specific path and wrote it down, 99% of them had achieved their goals or were on target to reach their goals before a predetermined deadline.

If you want to survive, you must have access. There is no reason to stop setting the goal. The past is the past and all you have is the present and the future. Get started today.


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