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After 6 training sessions, I feel good about what I want to be and how to do it, so I'm struggling to find out what to train next. My project, which had been bugging me, was now over and over, so I can now meet my goals and move on.

Why do I still need a coach? My wife (a coach) asked me about a simple question that made me think again. It made me think of other areas of my life and things that were still bugging me.

Basically, I felt through a few thoughts that my further goals were happy, but my short-term goals and long-term goals were still disconnected because I am still under pressure to get my business to achieve financial security for a family.

My coach asked me a question:

In order to be the one I wanted to be, what do I have to allow myself.

Wow, did this question land on me. It took me right down in my search for the answer. What actually came first was "time". To afford to take some time in the weekend and do what "ordinary" people do … go shopping, the cinema, go out for a meal. Simple items just momentarily like unnecessary luxury.

I think again that I was in a paid job, frustrated by lack of independence and freedom, but pleased with the knowledge that what ever happened was always payment by the end of the month. If only I know those I know now, I would have done so much better to use this situation.

My coach then presented two items that came out of our conversation and were "chief flexibility" and "Paul holy," asking me to describe what this meant to me.

Highest flexibility was so easy, I could see myself coming back into my wooden house, a shit in one hand and a shopping cart in the other. It was hot in the hut and all the snow that was still melting on me soon, I just shot tomorrow, was going to sit down for lunch and then work at noon.

Pleasure enough to describe Paul's weekend was harder because the head began to wonder if I would go skiing this weekend. It was dependent on where I was, what day was the day for the travel agencies and how many locals came skiing this weekend. The view was not as powerful.

Suddenly I got a great clarity about how I describe my life at the moment. Today, we get a new company that either my wife or I work gives us some help and safety that we can live for another day.

Where I want to be is a life of joy. In other words, we have regular income that comes in and when we get this add-on, it's a joy, something that should be more than a relief.

It's as if we could go for an hour and my coach set me home for the next time and it was asking me two questions: –

  • What's a life of help?
  • What is life joy?

I will report back when I've been reflecting for this moment …


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