Training vs counseling

You see that you have problems and you need to fix it. You do not know exactly what's wrong, but you know your business really needs help.

Are you sure you should hire a coach or consultant?

It is important to know the difference between two because there is certainly a significant difference between counseling and training.

Consultants usually specialize in one specific field, whether it's accounting, technology, staffing, marketing or any of many other business aspects.

Independent external consultant will analyze and look at your business and determine weak spots, strong points, and identify missing elements and gaps. They will then provide a plan and a cost. If a consultant is advised, either will tell you what to do or in many cases do it for you.

What a consultant can not do is help you transform your business to succeed if the problem is you. Most advisors do not focus on people and can really benefit from the coach himself.

Coach is backed by growth and change. The role of a coach is to help you and you that they can make a difference in your business and your life.

Hiring a coach does not mean you have serious problems. Hiring a coach means you are aware that if you make certain improvements in your behavior and core attitudes, the likelihood of being successful will increase significantly.

To simplify, a consultant will advise their clients how to solve the problem, but the trainer helps the client's guidance to their own findings.

Consultants emphasize the results, but coaches are focused on the individual.

You hire a consultant to produce a certain departure and you hire a coach to support and lead you to earn your income.

Metaforically, the consultant gives you fish and gives you a meal, but the trainer teaches you to fish so that you can feed yourself forever.

It is a time and place for both training and counseling. In fact, some coaches offer "advisory training" that is mixed by both. So when they join you along the way to succeed, they sometimes take the lead.

Whichever way you choose, you should enjoy your trip.

to your success!


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